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304 Stainless Steel Large Square Rain Shower Head ARDP1001-10C

Feature: Fixed Shower Head
  • ARDP1001-10C
  • Custom Made

ARDP1001-10C 1

ARDP1001-10C 2

ARDP1001-10C 4

  • LARGE RAIN SHOWER HEAD: this rain shower head is ultra-thin and modern; Large 12" size gives you full body dynamic water massage.

  • OPTIMIZED WATER PRESSURE: High pressure and water efficient. Never need to worry about the low water pressure; always offers consistent powerful rain shower.

  • SELF CLEANING NOZZLES: 144 of soft silicone nozzels prevent limescale build-up, resistant to clogging, easy to clean.

  • BUILT TO LAST: High grade 304 stailess steel brushed finish offers a sleek look square rain shower; ensuring corrosion resistance and durable; 5 years warranty.

  • STANDARD G1/2" THREAD CONNECTION: Easy wall mount installation without tools; Can serve as both fixed ceiling rain shower head or connect with shower arm with adjustable angles.



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