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Automatic F-shape Bathroom Faucet with Air Tap / Hand Dryer

Feature: Faucet with Hand Dryer
  • AF7130-5
  • Custom Made

AF7130-5 20

AF7130-5 21

Model Number: AF7130-5 Feature: Faucet with Hand Dryer
Voltage: AC 220-240V Air Speed: 90M / S
Frequency: 50/60 Hz Drying Time: 10-15 S
Input Power: 1200-1400 W Air Tempreture: 25-40 ℃
Motor Power: 550 W Motor Type: Brush Motor
Sensing Distance: 8-12 cm Heater Type: Heating Wire
Noise Level: 75dB@1m Standby Power: ≤2.2 W
Net Weight: 5.7 kg Material: SS304 / ABS
Tap Size: 40x183x325 mm Waterproof: IP24
Body Size: 315x216x191 mm Package Size: 530x255x325 mm
Overtime Protection: 45 S Sensing Type: Touch-free Infrared

1. Quick Dry— High-speed airflow; 10-15 seconds dry time; 4 air speeds for adjustment.

2. Air Tap — The revolutionary design with up and down construction to effectively slove the problem of water splash.

3. Durable Construction—Using 304 stainless steel material for Tap; ABS plastic material for body; stable and durable.

4. Hygiene— With built-in double filtration (HEPA + filter)  to keep hygiene; prevent 99.9% of the bacteria from air.

5. Installation — Easy to install; same size as normal faucet. Just remove the original faucet in any bathroom. Suitable for public toilets. 

6. Efficient — Greatly improve hand-cleaning efficiency to finish hand washing and drying conveniently. 

7. Simple Desgin — F-shaped design; strong environmental adaptability.

8. Intelligent System:

① Advanced sensing technology to avoid wrong induction. Air will not be triggered when using water; same for water; 

② Power-off memory function;

③ Intelligent heating and forced heating modes ;

④ Reminding light function.



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