10 Types of Kitchen Faucets

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According to the current fashion trend, the kitchen faucets of major brands are based on the hard strength (cartridge and material), They have also started to work together with their soft power (technical content, appearance design, etc.), so if you want to reach the level of one-step purchase, It is necessary to understand what the modern kitchen faucet looks like with both soft and hard strength. In a word, it can meet the daily practical functions of the kitchen, in line with the modern "everything is intelligent" home trend, but also have a bright appearance design.

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1. Single Handle Faucet

The faucet is a hot and cold water mixer. Turn the handle to choose hot or cold water.


2. Double Handle Faucet

Water flow can be controlled separately for cold and hot water.

This is also called an 8 inch model.


3. Widespread Faucet

Two handles and water spout are separate from each other.

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4. Touchless Sensor Faucet

No need to touch or turn the lever to make the faucet work.

Faucet can also be in manual or automatic mode.

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5. Wall Mount Faucet

Faucet is installed in the wall. More worktop space around the sink with the standing faucet.

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6. Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Two handles kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer.

Elegant design and classic style complement any kitchen.


7. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

The sprayerhead can be pulled straight out. 

Large pots can be easily filled with this function.

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8. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

The sprayerhead is similiar to the pull-out faucet.

With the high arc, it is more suitable for dish cleaning.


9. Beverage Faucet

360 degrees swivel spout: Adjust to any angles with easy access to any areas of the sink. 

Drip-free performance; Lead-free brass body.

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10. Faucet with Side Sprayer
The side spray is separate from the faucet itself and is an alternative to the pull-out/pull-down faucets.

This is added to an extra sink hole.



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