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1 Tempering glass (tempered glass, monolithic, flawless, CE certified)

2 Aluminum material

3ABS (Tray/bass bottom; roof. 3-5 layer structure; ABS multi-layer board) or acrylic (Acrylic; PMMA; high-end product)

AS-116 详情

Production Process:

1 Forming (note: bubbles, cold bars, uneven thickness)

2 Apply grease (1 in three layers, bottom basin. 2 Use wooden strips and boards; 348 hours for drying; 4 2.5-3mm boards; 5Reinforcement with special reinforcement for edges, corners, and falling water; 6 24 hours for reaction time)

3 trimming edges (Nordic simplicity)

4 Assembly (warranty for 1-2 years; roof light, backlight, fan, Radio-12V can support)

5 Packaging

6 Glass processing packaging (corners, placed vertically as a whole)

7 Aluminum processing

8 Finished product assembly

9 Water test, blowing air (hold water for 24 hours)

10 Cleaning, packaging, and boxing

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