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Designed to make bathing more comfortable, Aquacubic presents the bathtub with its practical and functional design. The beauty of the bathtub will modernize any bathroom its placed in with clean lines and simple yet solid construction. Simple installation, easy care, and efficient use of space make bathtubs a perfect solution for your bathroom renovation project. Crafted from highly durable acrylic material, Aquacubic bathtubs deliver superior comfort and a cutting edge, perfect design. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and styles, Aquacubic bathtubs offer the perfect fit for any bathroom and boast a wide assortment of beautiful bathtubs that are pleasing to both the eye and body. Create lasting memories of bubble baths with your children or relax from the stresses of the day with a top-notch bathtub by Aquacubic.

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★1. The bathtub can be divided into two types based on function: a regular bathtub and a massage bathtub. A regular bathtub only has a simple function of holding water and soaking in the bath. The massage bathtub consists of two main parts: the cylinder body and the massage system. The cylinder body has various forms, and the materials are mostly steel or acrylic; The massage system consists of a cylinder nozzle, internal pipes of the bathtub, an electric motor, and a control box.

★2. Classified by style: A bathtub with a skirt edge and a bathtub without a skirt edge are mainly distinguished by the upper outlet part of the bathtub. The style of a bathtub without skirt edges is relatively simple, and the lines of the bathtub with skirt edges are smooth and decorative.

★3. Classified by material: Common types include acrylic bathtubs, steel bathtubs, and cast iron bathtubs. Acrylic bathtubs are corrosion-resistant and do not rust, and they are very light. These bathtubs are made of a thin piece of material, usually coated with glass fibers, and vacuum treated. Their thickness ranges from 3mm to 10mm, and they have the advantage of a warm touch, being able to maintain water temperature for a long time, and being easy to wipe clean; Steel bathtubs are hard and durable, with a surface made of porcelain or enamel. The steel used to make bathtubs is usually 1.5mm to 3mm thick, and generally speaking, the thicker the steel, the stronger it becomes; Cast iron bathtubs are a very heavy and durable material, and the enamel on their surface is generally thinner than that on steel bathtubs. Cleaners containing abrasive ingredients should not be used to clean these bathtubs. The disadvantage of this bathtub is that the water will quickly cool down.

★4. Classified by shape: There are various shapes of bathtubs, such as heart-shaped, circular, elliptical, rectangular, triangular, etc. Bathtubs of different shapes have significant differences in size and suitable installation positions. Triangle and heart-shaped bathtubs are mostly placed in the corners of bathrooms; Circular bathtubs are generally larger and consume more water, and are commonly found in villa bathrooms; Other irregularly shaped bathtubs are also commonly seen in large bathrooms.

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Key Points for Choosing Bathtub

When choosing a bathtub, attention should be paid to various factors such as smoothness, material, insulation effect, quality of massage bathtub motor, price, and brand.


A high-quality bathtub has excellent surface glossiness and flatness. It is advisable to avoid choosing bathtubs with small cracks, defects, and orange peel on the surface.

Material Quality

Test the firmness and thickness of the bathtub by pressing and stepping on it with your hands and feet to ensure that the chosen bathtub is sturdy enough.

Thermal Insulation Effect

For acrylic bathtubs, their insulation effect is an important consideration factor. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the possible fading and damage issues of low-quality acrylic bathtubs.

Mass of Massage Bathtub Motor

When choosing a massage bathtub, the quality of the motor is crucial. The quality of well-known brand motors is guaranteed, and they are equipped with leakage switch devices for better safety performance.

Price and Brand

Generally speaking, massage tubs are the most expensive, while regular skirt tubs and non skirt tubs are relatively cheaper. It is recommended to choose bathtub products from certified high-quality suppliers as much as possible, so that after-sales service is more guaranteed.

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Our Advantages In Producing Bathtubs

● 1.High quality acrylic board which has same quality to Lucite 

● 2.With less than 10mm size tolerance. 

● 3.No small breaks on surface. 

● 4.Without color difference 

● 5.With less than 2mm straightness tolerance.



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