15 kitchen decoration suggestions, there must be one you need.

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There are no ifs in life, and even more for decorations. There is no what ifs after the decoration is finished. In order to avoid this kind of regret, we summarized many kitchen decoration experiences for you.


1. The most durable cabinet door panel is the fireproof panel, the shortest life span is the blister, the most non scratch resistant is the painted, the most expensive is the solid wood, and the cheapest is the double veneer.

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2. The stainless steel countertop is the most durable, the artificial stone is the least resistant to dirt, and the quartz stone is the most expensive. If used frequently, stainless steel countertops are the most suitable. If the color tone is cold, you can use panels and tiles appropriately.

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3. The stainless steel embossing countertop is less scratched than the brushed countertop.

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4. The stove must have small openings on the surface to prevent the soup from overflowing into the stove.

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5. The sink must have a bottom grid to prevent the sewer from being blocked and to facilitate cleaning.

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6. When renovating water pipe and electricity, you must think about the cabinet layout and electrical requirements. Be sure to reserve enough sockets. It is better to keep sockets on the front and rear walls. Waterproof covers are not necessary.

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7. If most of the gas pipes are wrapped in the cabinet, it is best to leave a gas alarm socket.

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8. The tiles in the kitchen can be matte or polished, which are easier to clean. Don't choose pitted or rough models, which are difficult to take care of.

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9. If you rarely cook, consider an open style. If cook much, it is safer to be closed. No matter how good a range hood is, it is impossible to suck all the fumes away.

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10. The hose must be replaced every two years.

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11. In addition to the main valve, it is better to have separate valves for gas stoves and gas water heaters, so that they can be closed easily when problems occur.

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12. The sink drain must be made S-bend, otherwise the smell will return.

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13. Do not apply glue between the stove and the countertop to facilitate safety inspection.

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14. When installing the side range hood, it is better to be as close to the stove as possible.

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15. If you install an ordinary or European-style range hood, it is better to install a thin stainless steel plate on the tile around the stove, so that it can be easily cleaned.

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