25 Styles of Bathroom Designs

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In addition to the living room and kitchen, the bathroom that we use every day must not be sloppy in design. No matter if it is more than 10 square meters or less than 2 square meters, you must plan well to use practical and safe bathroom equipment: whether to arrange full bathroom equipment (including bathtub) or half bathroom equipment (excluding bathtub), independent or combined hand washing basins, what materials should be used for floor tiles and walls, and how to effectively use small and distorted spaces without waste, how to place multi-functional equipment without being crowded. If you are being worried about these, you can refer to these 5 bathroom design ideas from style to function, and collect them as inspiration for future designs.


Bathroom Design One: Tiles

For a water-filled bathroom, the easiest way is to attach tiles, which are not only waterproof, but also dry quickly. Common 30*30cm tiles are easy to construct and easy to clean; mosaic tiles can be arranged in patterns, and wood grain tiles solve the problem of solid wood prone to moisture and mildew. Textured bamboo tiles also have anti-slip effects, which are both functional and can create multiple styles of bathroom design materials.

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Bathroom Design Two: Cement wall

Using cement as the theme of the bathroom space makes the space pure, visually extraordinarily refreshing and clean. And there is no need to worry about the accumulation of scale in the crevices of the tiles. For maintenance, as long as the bottom is waterproof, the upper transparent waterproof paint is basically unlikely to have sanding problems.

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Bathroom Design Three: Black Frame Glass

Industrial style can not only be used in public spaces. For small-sized houses and the bathroom of the master bedroom, black-framed glass can be used instead of solid wall partitions. Not only is it visually more open and transparent, it has its own style compared to ordinary glass compartments.


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Bathroom Design Four: Separation of Dry and Wet

Similar to hotels and Japanese residences, sinks and showers can be separate. The independent design not only alleviates the problem of insufficient bathroom space, but also makes the sink a part of the room or public space, and it is also more convenient to use.


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Bathroom Design Five: Shower Curtain as A Cubicle

If you want to have both a shower and a bathtub in a small bathroom space, try replacing the glass compartment with a shower curtain. In this way, the basic dry and wet separation can be achieved, and the space occupied by the fixed partition door can be avoided. It has high appearance and can change the pattern style according to the mood.

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