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Aquacubic provides "Quality Bath & Kitchen Solution" to our customers.
Quality is always the first priority of Aquacubic. We understand the importance of quality to our clients, and quality is the foundation for long -term cooperation. To deliver high quality products, we established the whole quality system from raw materials checking to mass production audit and final products inspection. Most of our products are CE and CUPC certified.

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Cooperating with Aquacubic is cost saving. Aquacubic make great investment in machines to increase production efficiency. Thanks to long existence in the industry and good relationship with material suppliers, Aquacubic has good cost control system and bargain power, to ensure competitive pricing for our customers. 

Once you contact with Aquacubic, you will find yourself are in service of a hardworking, reliable, sincere team with good communication skills. Our associates also provide value-added service for design, test report, shipment arranging, freight cost control and so on.

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Bathroom faucet brings a modern style to any bathroom setup. Daily washing task is made easier by the classic one-handle lever design of this faucet, which offers effortless control of the steady and clear waterstream. H and C markings help guests easily control water temperature for a better experience.

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Nano kitchen sinks will still look brand new even after years of usage. The smooth coating is more resistant to scratches compared to other sink materials present in the market right now.  You can also use it to give  your pet a lovely bath. No worry about scratch, Your pets will never scratch the tub.


The handmade wokstation stainless steel undermount sink is revolutionary to say the least. With a unique corner design, you get all of the beauty of a designer stainless steel sink while meeting your every day kitchen needs. It is as functional as it is fabulous. It's seriously the best of both worlds. Created with premium stainless steel, this hardworking sink with a ledge features placing various accessories on it for prep cooking easily.


Aquacubic has rich experience and passion in bath and kitchen industry and appreciate for your contacting and business.



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