Aquacubic Pull Out Bathroom Faucet

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Pull as you like. Return accurately.

When renovating the bathroom, the height of the faucet is a headache: if you buy a low one, you have to bend over when washing your hair or  face; if you buy a high one, It's not convenient for the opening and closing of the mirror cabinet. On the other hand, it will cause water splashing due to the large drop...It is not a problem with the Aquacubic faucet!


Aquacubic faucet adopts pull-out design. With 360 degree sprayer head to realize free rotation and pull freely, the water can reach any place where the user needs it, and meet all the needs in the bathroom water process. After use, just let go. The built-in gravity hammer can help the faucet retract easily and quickly. Users can experience the pleasure of face cleaning and hair washing in a new way.

Long lasting new. Easy to clean.

The bathroom is full of moisture. In such an environment, water stains or fingerprints are easily left on the surface of the bathroom faucet. Scales will accumulate on the faucet after drying. They are difficult to clean and even gradually corrode the coating and form rust spots on the surface. To make the bathroom faucet last longer, you need surface treatment technology with easy-to-clean coating.


Aquacubic faucet adopts precision electroplating layer and SRS surface treatment technology, and passes 24 hours acid salt spray test. The surface has an elegant metallic luster. They are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Faucet will be bright as new with a light wipe. You don’t have to worry about leaving fingerprints and watermarks when you touch it with wet hands. This reduces cleaning time.


The bathroom carries most of the cleaning work of a family. In turn it affects the living experience and life quality of the whole family. If you want to enjoy the exquisite life, you need the Aquacubic faucet that can be pulled freely to bring a fashionable bathroom to you!



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