Bathroom Design: separate toilet, shower and washbasin.

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For a more useful and faster-drying bathroom, toilet, shower, and washbasin must be separated.

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The toilet, washbasin, and shower located in three areas allows people to use them separately.


This design has more advantages. 

1. Dry area always being dry.

Using a three-separated bathroom, when the shower is completely independent, the sink and toilet area will not be affected by the shower. Cleaning is also more convenient.

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2. More people can use the bathroom at the same time.

In the morning some want to use the toilet and some want to brush their teeth. If there is no separation, as long as one person enters, the whole family will have to wait.

However, with the three-separated bathroom, everyone can save time and use separately.

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Three-separated Bathroom Layout

If the bathroom is a long and narrow shape, it is recommended that the toilet, washbasin, and shower are arranged in a row.

Usually the most frequently used washbasin will be placed in the middle, so you can come in and use it at any time. To the left and right are the shower area and toilet.

The toilet and the shower area can also be arranged on the same side, and the washbasin is placed on the opposite side to form a T-shaped arrangement. Hotels often use this layout, which is relatively confidential, but does not waste space.


If you want to add a bathtub, because the bathtub is used less frequently, it is usually placed in the corner next to the washbasin.

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But to be honest, the three-separated bathroom requires a relatively large area. The partition wall will be added, and the distance between the shower, toilet and washbasin will be increased. If three separations are used, it is bound to reduce the size of other spaces.


Design and Construction Considerations

1. The minimum shower area wide is 90cm.

The shower area should be kept wide enough for the person to turn around, and hands should not touch the wall easily when showering. It is convenient to have a width of at least 90 cm.

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2. The toilet area is at least 70cm wide.

If you don't want it too narrow when going to the toilet, the wall should not be too close. Starting from the center of the toilet, leave a width of 35 cm or more to the left and right to make it easy to use.

The human action is to turn around and sit down on the toilet, so 60 cm of moving space is required in front of the toilet.

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3. If the toilet is adjacent to the shower area, the water pipe is easy to install.

When the toilet and the shower area are adjacent to each other back to back, the pipeline can be hidden in the partition between the two, and the distance of the pipeline can be shortened.


4. There is no need to install a floor drain in the toilet and washing area.

Since the three-separated bathroom has completely separated the toilet, washbasin and shower, and now fewer people will flush the floor. Therefore, it is only necessary to install a floor drain in the shower room. Blocking with waterproof strips can ensure that the toilet and washbasin area remain dry. For floor cleaning in dry areas, it is recommended to wipe with a mop.

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5. Reduce the area of waterproof coating.

Ordinary bathrooms are usually recommended to do waterproof layer on the walls and floors of the whole room due to the spread of moisture. However, in the three-separated bathroom, there will be no excess water vapor in the toilet and washbasin area. It is recommended to do waterproof only half-height walls.

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Then we take a look at the examples of the three-separation bathroom.


U-shaped Layout

This is a typical hotel bathroom layout. The sink is in the center, and the toilet, shower area, and bathtub are placed on both sides, forming a U-shaped layout. Suitable for use in large-area bathrooms.

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The doors of the shower room and toilet area are designed with metal mesh, which is ventilated and can be cleverly hidden.

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The walls and floors of the whole room are paved with the same marble. With metal accessories, the overall style is particularly high-end.

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One-line Layout

With the double washbasin design, two people wash at the same time without being crowded. With double-sided mirrors and wall lights on both sides, it forms a balanced and symmetrical design.

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The retro tile floor, the decorative pillars on both sides of the countertop, the delicate and elegant chandeliers, the natural and romantic simple European style.

Off-white is selected as the main color of the space, matched with earth-colored walls. The calm atmosphere makes the bathing space more comfortable and relaxing.

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If you don't make a door, just use cement partition to separate the shower area or toilet, which can reduce the visual barrier.

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A sliding door is used between the shower area and the bathtub, which can be ventilated at any time and can achieve the effect of privacy.

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Two-line Layout

The washbasin area is in a single row. Since it is isolated from the shower area, it is relatively dry. The dressing storage is also set together, making it easier to use.

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The wash area is in line with the toilet area. The bathtub is next to the shower area. Effectively separate the dry and wet areas. At the same time, hooks are installed on the wall for the towels and bathrobes.

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If the bathroom does not have a window, you may wish to use colors and lights to brighten it up. The orange half-wall design makes the space bright and vibrant. Place some flowers and plants to make it more vibrant.

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The wall is made of cement gray, so even if water drops splash off, it will not leave a trace. The mirror cabinet on the top can effectively increase the storage capacity.

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In order to leave the central aisle, move the sink outside. Arranging the shower area and the toilet back to back not only effectively shortens the length of the water pipe, but also makes the design more concise.

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In a typical T-shaped layout, the shower area and toilet are hidden behind the washbasin to maintain privacy. The wash area divides the bathroom into two parts.

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The entrance of the bathroom is designed with arches, and the retro red bricks are more antique. The tiled floor extends to the left and right.

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After reading the above cases, do you think it is good-looking and practical?


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