Best Faucet Manufacturers in China

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Some faucets are simple and practical, while others are decorative. Faucets can be in many different materials and shapes, such as short/high, single/double handle, stainless steel/brass, chrome/black/gold colors, etc. It can reflect the contemporary architectural decoration style. Also so many brands of faucets are available. Do you want to know the best faucet brands in China? Let's take a look at the ranking of China's top 7 faucets brands in 2020.


MOEN logo

Moen entered the Chinese market in 1994 and established its first sales company in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai. In the following few years, American Moen company has established offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing, and its sales network has covered more than 180 cities in China. In 1996, Moen set up a joint venture factory in China with global advanced production management and manufacturing technology, which shows its confidence in the Chinese market and its determination to develop in China for a long time. At the same time, all the factories in China have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Relying on the deep understanding of the needs of users, distributors, agents and professionals in the industry and the joint efforts of all employees, American Moen company has become one of the leading figures in China's kitchen and bathroom equipment industry, and has established a strong sales network and perfect after-sales service system. The company's business is developing rapidly, and its products are deeply loved by users.

Ⅱ. Jomoo

九牧Jomoo logo

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian Province: the Economic Zone on the west side of the Taiwan Strait, Jomoo Group is a large comprehensive bathroom leading enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise integrating R and D, production, sales and service. It is also the Secretariat of "Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware Sub-technical Committee of National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee". The group's brand "JOMOO" has won many national honors such as "China's Famous Trademark", "China's Environmental Label Product Certification", and has been selected into the government green procurement list for many times.

Jomoo group headquarter covers an area of more than 1.34 square kilometre. It owns 7 subsidiaries, 4 business divisions and more than 8500 employees. Since its establishment, Jomoo group has taken "creating healthy kitchen and bathroom life, making the earth environment better" as its mission. Through continuous scientific and technological innovation, Jomoo group has made great efforts to provide customers with safe and environmental protection, resource-saving products and high-quality services, and constantly improve and enhance the quality of home life.

Ⅲ. Hansgrohe

汉斯格雅 logo

In 1995, Hansgrohe set up an office in Shanghai to introduce the world's top bathroom brand to China. Hansgrohe Sanitary Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary of Hansgrohe group. It was established in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone. It is also the fourth wholly-owned factory invested by Hansgrohe abroad. 

2000: Hansgrohe sponsored the publication of the Chinese version of <The History of European Bathroom Culture>, which once again shows Hansgrohe's long-standing bathroom culture. 

2001: Hansgrohe celebrates its 100th birthday. Four offices have been set up in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu; A total of 50 stores and 20 distribution points were set up, successfully occupying the high-end bathroom market; Many high-end residences and hotels use Hansgrohe products. The representative projects are Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Venice Shenzhen, Hilton Chongqing, Beijing Hotel, GE Times, etc.

Ⅳ. Kohler

Kohler logo

Kohler, founded in 1873 and headquartered in Wisconsin, is one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the United States. Kohler is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engine and power generation systems, furniture, home decoration, hotel services and first-class golf clubs.

As early as the 1930s, Kohler products had a deep relationship with China. Kohler sanitary ware was used in many famous buildings in Shanghai, such as Jinjiang Hotel and Da Guang Ming Cinema. In 1995, Kohler's China office was established in Hong Kong. Since then, Kohler has officially entered the Chinese market. In 1999, Kohler set up its headquarters in Shanghai and set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shenzhen. Till today, Kohler has 10 factories, more than 500 regular exhibition halls and more than a dozen flagship stores in China.


高斯Coso logo

COSO originated in Germany. Since 1993 when it came to China to create a professional sanitary ware production base, COSO has created logical and beautiful product by virtue of German industrial design concept, first-class material, ergonomics benchmark, mathematical space, rigorous manufacturing and rational beauty. COSO has won the support and recognition of the majority of consumers. After years of development, COSO has become a global leading brand of healthy sanitary ware.

In the industry, COSO products take the lead in passing ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and EU CE certification. It has won the titles of "China Top 10 Brands of Sanitary Ware", "China Top 10 Brands of Building Materials", "China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Promotion Products", "China Famous Brand", and "China Original Bathroom Design Award in 2007”. In 2020, the company participated in Shanghai World Expo to fully demonstrate the value and strength of the brand.


TOTO logo

TOTO was founded in 1917. It was initially named Toyo Pottery Co., Ltd., and then renamed TOTO Co., Ltd. In 1912, TOTO set up a laboratory specializing in the research and development of sanitary ceramics (at that time, sanitary ceramics products were very common in Europe and the United States, but wooden toilets were still popular in Japan, which was in great contrast with the advanced sanitary culture in Japan today). With the wide sales of these sanitary ceramics products, TOTO used its excellent products to challenge the traditional health concept which has been accepted by the public. Till today TOTO is still working hard for it.

TOTO is a manufacturer of sanitary ware and related equipment for civil and commercial facilities. Pursuing high quality and high technology, so that users can enjoy a sanitary, healthy and comfortable life is the consistent goal.

Ⅶ. Grohe

高仪Grohe logo

Friedrich Grohe AG CO. KG Group is a world famous supplier and global exporter of sanitary ware products and systems. Founded in 1936, it has branch offices, 12 production plants and 17 business subsidiaries in 140 countries around the world.

It adheres to the founder's spirit of precision and high quality. Its business covers most countries and its reputation spreads all over the world. Grohe has made remarkable achievements. With the company moving towards a new global environment, the total turnover of Grohe increased to 1.5 billion CNY in 2020, and the export volume accounted for 64.3% of the group's total turnover.



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