Ceramic Bathroom Sink Production Process

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Ceramic sink is a kind of household goods. There are many kinds of sink materials, such as cast iron enamel, ceramics,

steel plate enamel, artificial stone, acrylic, crystal stone flume, etc. Most bathroom sinks are made from firecaly.

Ceramic sink is a kind of water sink which is made by integrated molding and firing. Its main body is mainly white.

It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, easy cleaning and aging resistance. 

It can be wiped clean with cloth or clean metal ball in daily cleaning.

Step Ⅰ. Grouting

The production of ceramic sink is generally made by grouting.

The slurry is poured into a fixed die and allowed to solidify.

浴室水槽生产工序 1

Step Ⅱ. Spraying Glaze

It is necessary to prepare qualified glaze slurry. Spray it on the surface of sink body. 

Vitrify it into porcelain after firing; cover it on the surface.

浴室水槽生产工序 2

Step Ⅲ. Forming

Forming is a drying process. 

The process of further dehydration of semi-finished products.

浴室水槽生产工序 3

Step Ⅳ. Preparation for Furnace

This is an important step before burning. 

Workers need to check the surface & quality of the sinks and lay them together in trolley.

浴室水槽生产工序 4

Step Ⅴ. Burning

Put the products on the kiln car according to certain proportion. 

Based on the given temperature curve, sink will form finally.

浴室水槽生产工序 5

Step Ⅵ. Storage & Logistic

With the development of storage & logistics industry, 

we developed a complete solution for big size cargos.

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