Choose Above Counter Sink or Under Counter Sink ?

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When decorating kitchens and bathrooms, many people worry about whether to choose an above counter sink or an under counter sink. The above counter sink and the under counter sink have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one to choose depends on your own preferences.

There is a difference between the definition of the above counter sink and the under counter sink in the kitchen and bathroom, we will analyze them separately.


Kitchen Sinks

Above Counter Sink:

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Above counter sink installation is the most common and simplest. The opening size of the countertop is slightly smaller than the size of the sink, so that the sink can be placed on the countertop, and then a circle of glass glue can be applied around it.

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The above counter sink is easy to install, and there is no need to worry about deguming if the load is too heavy. It is also convenient to change the sink later, just scrape off the glass glue and replace the sink. The space left under the sink can be about 3 cm higher than the under counter sink.


It is inconvenient to clean the countertop in future use. The sides of the sink and the countertop are sealed with glass glue. After a long time, the glass glue is easy to mold and turn black.

Under Counter Sink:

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There are also two ways to install the under counter sink. One is to make a hole on the counter slightly smaller than the outer edge of the sink. The other is to cut a hole according to the inner edge of the sink.

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The under-counter sink is very easy to take care of, and the countertop is easy to clean. It is integrated with the countertop and more concise.



Relatively speaking, the installation of the under-counter sink is more troublesome. The gap between the countertop and the sink is bonded with a strong adhesive. If you want to replace the sink, you may need to replace the countertop as well. In addition, no matter how strong the glue is, and the load-bearing capacity is uncertain, there is a risk of falling from the counter. General washing and  load-bearing of pots and pans will not cause problems.


Bathroom Basins


Above Counter Basin

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The basin above the countertop is called the above counter basin. The installation of the above counter basin is relatively simple, just cut a hole on the countertop according to the installation drawing. Then place the basin in the hole and fill the gap with glass glue.

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Above counter basins are more beautiful in shape and have a wide variety of types. You can choose according to your favorite style. Easy to install and remove. If you want to replace it with a new basin, you can directly remove it and install a new one.



One is that it is troublesome to clean the countertop, and there is a hygienic corner between the basin and the wall. The second is that the glass glue is used to bond the basin and the countertop, and the glass glue is easy to turn black or mildew after a long time.

Under Counter Basin

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The biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean, and there will be no hygienic dead angle. The basin area is more clean and tidy.

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Similar to the kitchen sink, it is still a problem of installation and replacement. And the style of the under-counter basin is fixed, so it is impossible to make more choices in the shape.


In summary, the above counter basin and the under counter basin have their own advantages and disadvantages. Simply put, people who want to clean more easily can choose under counter basins in both the kitchen and the bathroom. For the convenience of installation and replacement, or for those who have styling requirements for the bathroom, an above counter basin can be selected.



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