Don't make a shower room in the bathroom anymore. This is good looking and practical. You'll understand after reading it!

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The bathroom is full of water vapor after taking a shower? The bath water splashes on the ground? Sometimes you slip and fall accidentally? The bathroom without separation of wet and dry is simply maddening. The separation of wet and dry is an unavoidable matter in the bathroom. As long as we have a slight requirement for the quality of the bathroom, we will immediately take care of this matter. Because the separation of wet and dry in the bathroom is a very cost-effective job, it will make your bathroom life full of happiness in minutes. How to achieve the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom? For small-sized bathrooms, the partitions are too narrow, and they cannot be separated from wet and dry. Very tangled. So how to separate wet and dry in a bathroom of only about 5 square meters? Let's analyze how to separate wet and dry in a small bathroom!

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Separated by Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is the simplest and most beautiful way to separate wet and dry in the bathroom. It can be said to be a must-have artifact for the bathtub. Use a shower curtain to separate the dry and wet areas of a small apartment, which is the most trouble-free and cost-effective. Whether it is an arc-shaped corner, or directly draw a straight line, make a water retaining strip and hang a shower curtain. It is very convenient. You can also frequently change the style of the shower curtain to a different style. But the disadvantage is that it cannot effectively block water vapor, and it is easy to grow mold and needs to be cleaned frequently.

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Glass Partition

Compared with the shower curtain which can not effectively isolate the water vapor, the shower door is much more practical. More suitable for bathrooms equipped with showers. The shower door is mostly made of glass. Glass partition is a better choice. On the one hand, because the glass is transparent, it does not appear to be visually narrow. Second, because the glass has better water resistance, the effect of wet and dry partitions will be better.

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Half Wall Partition

For small apartments, this is also a good choice. Not only can it perfectly achieve the purpose of separating dry and wet, but also use the half  wall to create its own style. Pasting retro-style or modern-style tiles on the wall can play a decorative and beautifying role.

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The water pipe under the sink does not contact the floor.

In addition to working on the door, you can also separate wet and dry in places such as sinks and basins. The important point is to not to touch the floor! Bathroom furniture that is not exposed to water stains is less likely to be corroded, which increases the service life and is also easy to clean.

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Move the Sink Out

The most complete wet and dry separation is to move the sink directly outside the door. Use part of the outside space to make the shower area inside the bathroom more spacious. In addition, the external washbasin also allows a family to wash without interfering with each other. The vanity and sink are placed outside the bathroom. Completely cut off the moisture in the bath. Small apartments can also use the walkway outside the bathroom to do so!

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Do you like the bathroom with separate dry and wet function? The dry area and wet area of the bathroom are perfectly separated, which not only partitions the space, but also is visually more fashionable and rich in spatial level. Wet and dry separation has gradually become mainstream in bathroom design, so hurry up and give it a try!




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