For apartment renovation project, try the concealed shower.

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In addition to the practicality of the apartment renovation, we also pay attention to its beauty. For example, choose wall-mounted toilets and washbasins; choose concealed baseboards; hide all the pipes; improve the overall aesthetics!

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Concealed showers are more beautiful than exposed showers.

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There are mainly the following 3 ways to install the shower:

1) Exposed installation: the water inlet pipe and mixing valve of the shower are exposed outside, which is not beautiful enough;

2) Concealed pipe installation: The inlet pipe is buried in the wall and the mixing valve is outside. This is most commonly used method;

3) Concealed installation: Completely opposite to the first type, the inlet pipe and the return valve are installed inside the wall. Leaving only the switch and the water outlet outside. Although it is beautiful, the process is complicated.


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For concealed showers, there are also two different styles:

1) Top sprayer and hand shower

Look at the picture, the top shower head is matched with a hand-held shower head at the bottom. In this way, you need to determine the size of the shower head before renovation. And do the drilling and wiring layout. In terms of installation, this method is relatively simple.

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2) With additional side spray

This is based on the former, plus a side spray function. During renovation, pre-installed in-wall boxes and multiple valve cores are required to match the water outlet. You can imagine how complicated this approach is! How to install it? Look down.

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First determine the number of side nozzles (usually 2-6); the in-wall installed valve core has multiple outlet connection ports, from the valve core to the main water inlet, other outlets, top spray showers and hand showers; Secondly, cement leveling is required between the valve core and the wall, and in-wall installed parts are also used to stabilize; then leveling, waterproofing and pressing are performed to see if there is any leakage; the last step is to sticking ceramic tiles.

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Compared with the exposed installation, the appearance of the concealed shower is certainly more attractive. However, the maintenance is complicated and cannot be ignored. The water pipe fittings of the exposed shower are all on the outside. If the concealed shower needs to be repaired, we can only break the wall! But if you choose a good quality shower, except for the water pipe problem, you don't need to break the wall under normal circumstances.

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If you really like the appearance, it is not a big problem to choose a concealed shower. But if you are still worried about renovation and later maintenance, it is recommended not to try it.

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Shower Purchase Skills

1. When choosing a shower, try to make the shower tilted (to see the water effect). If the top spray holes are obviously small or there is no water at all, it shows that the internal design of the shower is very low. It is impossible for the user to have a comfortable experience.

2. Look at the coating and valve core. Under normal circumstances, the brighter and more delicate the surface of the shower, the better the coating process. The high-quality shower uses high-quality ceramic valve core, which has high hardness and wear resistance, and is not easy to drip. The rotating adjustment handle is also very smooth.

3. Everyone knows that if the shower is used for a long time, there will be scale and impurities deposits, which will block the water outlet. If the mesh cover cannot be cleaned, the shower will not discharge water normally; in order to avoid the blockage of the water outlet due to poor water quality. All the shower nozzles should stick out for easy cleaning.

4. Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of our shower. This cannot be ignored. For example, whether the lifting rod of the shower is flexible. Whether the shower joint is equipped with anti-twist ball bearings. Whether there is a rotation controller on the lifting rod, etc.

5. The water-saving function of the shower is the key point to be considered when purchasing the shower. Some showers use a steel ball valve core, and are equipped with a hot water controller, which can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of shower with a reasonable design saves 50% of water compared to ordinary showers.

Installation Precautions

1. Do a good job of cleaning up during installation, especially the valve core. During the decoration, it is inevitable that decoration dust or even large particles of impurities enter the water supply pipe. If it is not cleaned up, these impurity particles will enter the valve core of the shower faucet, easily causing blockage or even destroying the internal structure of the valve core. If the shower has little water output, it is very likely that the cleaning work is not in place.


2. To ensure safety, equipotential terminals are indispensable.

An electric shock prevention system is indispensable in the bathroom: equipotential terminal. After all, compared with other spaces, the bathroom is accompanied by water all the year round, and the risk is relatively high. Connect with the equipotential terminal to prevent leakage, electric shock, and avoid dangerous situations.


There are a large number of shower options. So everyone can try to choose different showers. Traditional showers have gradually been eliminated. We must learn to keep up with the trend in renovation project.

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