Four points of attention and Six FAQ about bathroom decoration

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Although the bathroom is small, it is a very important part of the decoration and is closely related to our lives. Everyday life starts here and ends here; if the decoration is not good, it can drive you crazy every day. The toilet is broken, the shower is blocked, and so on.

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In the process of using the bathroom, some problems are always prone to occur. Therefore, when decorating the bathroom, it is necessary to control all aspects of the details in order to avoid the impact of daily life as much as possible.

Four Matters Needing Attention in Bathroom Decoration

1. Spare more power sockets and water outlets

Many people often forget to spare more power sockets and waterways during bathroom decoration. Changing smart toilets and heated towel rails in the later period will easily cause inconvenience.

2. The problem of wall and floor tiles

Before laying the floor tiles, do a water leakage experiment for at least 24 hours. Go downstairs to see if there are any signs of water leakage. The floor tiles are aligned with the wall tiles. When laying the floor tiles, ensure that the brick surface has a slope of about 1°towards the floor drain.

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3. Separate dry and wet spaces 

If the bathroom does not separate from wet and dry, it is easy to cause the water in the shower to splash everywhere. Easy to slip and fall. It is not conducive to cleaning and can not keep the bathroom dry.

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4. The problem of replacing ordinary toilets with smart toilets.

When installing an ordinary toilet, users generally did not consider the subsequent transformation of the water circuit, and did not spare a strong electric power supply, socket and water circuit in the toilet position. It will be more difficult to use a smart toilet in the future. The pit distance should also be considered when installing the toilet.



Six FAQ about Bathroom Decoration


1. Which is more practical, shower room or bathtub?

In general, the shower room should be more practical than the bathtub. The shower is timely, convenient and practical, and relatively hygienic. For ordinary families, many people use it only once a year after the bathtub is installed. Most of them are used to soak clothes and curtains.

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2. Is the shower curtain easy to use?

For small apartments, the area of the bathroom is relatively small. Glass partitions can make the already small bathroom appear more crowded. If the shower curtain is used as a partition, the entire space becomes much more spacious after unfolding. The shower curtain can also realize the function of separating dry and wet, preventing water from splashing out of the shower.

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3. Choose mosaic for bathroom decoration, or is pure black and white more practical?

Mosaic decoration effect is good, but the material price and labor cost are more expensive. If you want to install a towel bar or shelf where the mosaic is used, you can only choose to use the expansion screw method, and it is more difficult to use the suction cup type. Mosaic is not easy to take care of, and it is easy to hide dirt. So try to use it in dry areas.

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4. How to choose above counter basin and under counter basin?

The above counter basins have many shapes, large choices and ideal decoration effects. The installation is simple and convenient, and the maintenance is convenient in the future. If it breaks, remove the glue and pick it up directly from the countertop to repair it. However, when using the above counter basin, the water is easy to splash outside. You have to wipe the countertop after washing your face. The key is that there are dead spots that are difficult to wipe. For people who do not have a laundry balcony and like to wash their clothes by hand, it is recommended to choose a larger and deeper basin. Washing your face is the next thing, and you have to have a place to wash your clothes.

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The under-counter basin is embedded in the middle of the countertop, which is more beautiful than the above-counter basin, and the basin surface is lower than the countertop. Water on the countertop can be easily poured or wiped into the basin, which makes it more hygienic.

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5. How to install floor drain and socket ?

The location of the floor drain needs to be carefully considered, preferably on one side of the floor. If it is in the middle of the bathroom, the floor drain will not be the lowest point no matter how the tiles are inclined. Setting up well the location of the floor drain can avoid the problem of water accumulation.

The socket should be designed with a switch, especially the socket of the electric water heater should be equipped with a switch. You also need to spare a few more next to the sink to charge the common appliances such as hair dryers, razors, and electric toothbrushes. Electricity safety has never been a small issue, so special attention must be paid!

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6. Why install the bathroom exhaust fan ?

The bathroom at home is relatively humid, which can easily breed bacteria, which affects our health. So everyone will install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, which solves the problem of damp space and keeps the bathroom fresh air at the same time.



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