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Home decoration is troublesome. Apart from other things, it may be very troublesome to choose the toilet. Although all the toilets on the market only have one function, there are many types. Choose from product details when purchasing. Know these 5 tips before buying a toilet.


1. Tips for Buying a Toilet

1) When selecting, you can tap the outer wall of the toilet gently with your finger. If the voice is hoarse, not clear and loud enough, then the toilet is likely to be internally cracked, or the toilet itself is not burned well.

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2) The quality of the toilet depends on the quality of its ceramics. A good ceramic surface is uniformly lubricated and has a soft color. Gently touch the surface of the toilet with your hand. The glaze and embryos are delicate, indicating that the toilet is of good quality; for low- and medium-grade toilets, the glaze is rough and the color is dim, and small holes will be found under the light.

3) Pay attention to the return curve and water tank. Choose a glazed one, so that it is not easy to hide dirt and is easy to clean. When selecting, you must reach into the toilet's drain and touch it to see if the interior is smooth. A good toilet manufacturer will not ignore these two details.

4) Choose a toilet that is washable, otherwise you will definitely worry about cleaning the toilet in the future.

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5) Test the flushing effect of the toilet pipe. Under normal circumstances, you must first try flushing before buying a toilet. There are some optimized flushing systems that can control the noise decibels below 50 decibels, which is very suitable for families with babies.


2. Precautions for Purchase of Toilet

1) The maximum flushing volume is below 6L.

2) Its own weight is above 40 kg.

3) Requirements for accessories: there is a delay water inlet valve; the water level difference is within 3mm; the water pressure has a wide range of application.

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4) The height of the water seal is 55-60mm.

5) It is preferred that the inner side of the S-curve is also glazed on the toilet.

3. Precautions for Purchasing Smart Toilets:

1) It is recommended to select the instant heating method.

2) The impulse type is recommended for the water outlet method.

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3) With power-off flushing function.

4) In addition to hot water washing and hot air drying, there are six mandatory functions: constant water temperature, sensor switch cover, night vision lighting, automatic deodorization, seat heating and seat bacteriostasis.


4. Shower

The shower can be divided into multiple product types according to the water outlet method, installation height, style, etc. When purchasing, pay attention to choosing the most suitable one.

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How to judge the shower:

When buying a shower, first find out whether the water effect is good. Secondly, look at whether the surface coating is bright and smooth. Then check whether the shower valve core is made of ceramic, smooth and frictionless. Finally, see whether the shower accessories are appropriate and whether the quality meets the requirements.

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Precautions for purchase of shower head:

1. It is recommended to choose ceramic valve core for ordinary shower.

2. Copper is recommended for the main body. Choose at least 59-1 copper, with 59% copper and 1% lead. It is recommended to choose CUPC certified showers.

3. It is recommended to choose a shower set with a lifting bracket and a bath faucet.

4. For those who like top spray and large water output, it is recommended to choose a concealed shower system.

5. Most of the items marked with "pressurized shower" achieve the "pressurized" effect by reducing the water outlet, and it is not very comfortable.


5. Bathtub

Before deciding to buy a bathtub, the first thing you need to consider is to choose the size of the bathtub according to the area of the bathroom, and set the height of the water outlet. It is also necessary to consider the particularities of family members, such as children, the elderly, and the disabled. When choosing a bathtub, it is best to choose a lower one, and you can also install handrails in an appropriate position. The bathtub itself should also have anti-slip treatment and so on. Relatively speaking, bathtub selection is more complicated.

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Bathtub Purchase Skills

Gloss: understand the pros and cons of the material by looking at the surface gloss;

Smoothness: Check whether the surface of the bathtub is smooth by hand;

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Firmness: the firmness can be tested by pressing by hand or stepping on the foot;

Sound: It is best to test the water to listen to the sound before buying. Don't choose a bathtub with too much noise.


Precautions for Purchase of Bathtubs:

1) The bathtub area is not very big. It only needs 1.2 square meters to install a standard bathtub.

2) The one-piece bathtub without separation is more practical.

3) It is better to have a hair filter in the water.

4) When choosing a bathtub with massage, bubble or mixed functions, you must try it first, and then choose the one that suits you.

5) Before the completion of the installation, the water storage and discharge experiment must be done under the standard water pressure, and both cold and hot water must be done.

6. Shower Room

Precautions for purchase of shower room:

1) It is recommended to choose anti-fingerprint treated stainless steel for the frame material.

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2) It is recommended to choose a sliding door for the shower door. It has advantages over flat doors in terms of space occupation, convenience, and safety.

3) The recommended thickness of tempered glass is 8mm, and the minimum is no less than 6mm.

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4) The quality of tempered glass is critical. Need to know about glass manufacturers and choose factories with CCC certification.


7. Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets mainly include solid wood bathroom cabinets, ceramic bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, and acrylic bathroom cabinets. The solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of dehydrated solid wood as the base material. It has an exquisite appearance, high grade and good waterproof performance. However, solid wood bathroom cabinets are bulky and prone to cracking and require good maintenance.

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Ceramic bathroom cabinets are relatively clean in appearance and easy to take care of, but they are easily damaged. The appearance of PVC bathroom cabinet is more shiny, and the cabinet is lighter, and the waterproof performance is the best. However, PVC bathroom cabinets are easily deformed when subjected to a collision. Acrylic bathroom cabinets are similar to PVC bathroom cabinets, but are more brittle than PVC cabinets, and are prone to scratches and cracks.

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Bathroom cabinet selection method:

1) Check whether the bathroom cabinet is damaged, cracked or deformed.

2) Check whether the glazed surface of the bathroom cabinet is flat and whether the surface is cracked.

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3) Check whether the various parts of the bathroom cabinet are tightly connected and whether it is used smoothly.

4) Look at the anti-fouling ability of the bathroom cabinet, which can be tested by scribbling and erasing.


Precautions for bathroom cabinet installation:

1) If you have not done in-wall inlet and outlet pipe renovation, it is recommended to choose floor-standing solid wood cabinets.

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2) It is recommended that bathroom cabinets with a width of 1.4 meters and above adopt the design of double basins.

3) If the feet of the bathroom cabinet are made of wood, it is recommended to use a thin rubber pad to separate them from the floor.


When installing, there should be a 1cm gap between the bathroom cabinet and the wall to prevent the back panel from contacting the wet wall for a long time to cause get mouldy.



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