How can a small bathroom get bigger ?

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A comfortable bathroom with separate wet and dry spaces should be 6-10 square meters. However, in expensive cities many families have only 3 square meters to 5 square meters bathroom, which makes it difficult to guarantee the activity space. What do you do if you encounter a small apartment with a bathroom of only 3 square meters?


To get rid of congestion and clutter, the bathroom needs to be expanded. Learn to partition properly and use storage wisely, you can easily improve the space utilization rate, and truly achieve "small but complete", and double your use space!

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01 How to reasonably partition and layout the three functional areas of washing, showering, and toileting ?

Small and medium-sized bathrooms have a limited area, but they are a multi-functional area that integrates various daily needs such as washing, showering, and toileting. It not only needs to meet the various needs of the owners, but also avoids crowding to the greatest extent. Ensure a warm family atmosphere. Reasonable partitioning and layout according to the size of the bathroom space and the location of the bathroom equipment will help expand the sense of space. Let's first understand the layout of the bathroom.

1. Suite Layout

The layout of the suite is to separate the wash basin and the locker into an "outer room", and the toilet and shower being the "inner room". The advantage of this is that the dry and wet partitions and functional partitions not only reduce the inconvenience caused by humidity but also reduce the mutual interference of users.

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2. Open Layout

Many families now have a bathroom in the master bedroom. Many people choose to decorate the bathroom as a semi-open style, which is slightly hidden by partitions such as glass, cloth, and shower screens. It not only effectively cuts off water vapor, but also allows the entire bathroom looks bigger and more transparent.

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3. "T" Shape Layout 

The so-called "T"-shaped layout is to subtly divide the bathroom into T shape. In the horizontal position of the "T", place the sink, makeup mirror, etc. And on the one side of "T" is the toilet and storage cabinet, and the other side is the shower room or bathtub, so the function allocation in the bathroom is quite clear and easy to use.

02 Small Apartment Decoration Space Expanding

The limited space in the bathroom does not mean that the design will also be limited. Creative use of the existing space and clever use of storage can also create the effect of a large space in a small bathroom.

1. Obstacle avoidance skills in bathroom space.

In the washing area, there are obstacles such as water inlet valve, water pipe pillar, electric heater, etc., which take up space seriously.

In order to achieve the effect of the overall bathroom, many families have to make sure that the water pipes are hidden. By customizing the bathroom cabinet, the wall cabinet can make full use of the wall space and increases the storage space; the floor cabinet can also wrap the obstacles in. On the one hand, the defect is corrected; on the other hand, the entire bathroom space looks more regular and wider.

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The bathroom space is small, and it is even more troublesome when encountering irregular apartment layouts. The customized countertop not only makes reasonable use of the position of the wall pillars, but also provides enough storage space.

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The washing area is surrounded by walls on three sides, and there are large gaps in the finished cabinets, which are not fully utilized, and there are still dead corners for sanitation.

For a small bathroom, compact layout and small fitting furniture can leave more space. If you want to make reasonable use of the space under the wash area, the sink with multiple drawers is definitely a must for a small bathroom. When the size of the finished cabinet is unreasonable, the space is wasted and difficult to use, the problem can be easily solved by cleverly using some small storage items.

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2. Longitudinal utilization of the wall to achieve space expansion.

The shower area has a lot of water vapor and not much storage space. However, the wall space should not be underestimated. Use the wall space reasonably to let all the sundries on the wall, so that there is no dead corner for storage. Install baskets and wall cabinets, set the height of the wall storage on a proper height, and place the toiletries so that you don't have to jump out of the shower and endure the cold to take them.


3. Make full use of the 1㎡ around the toilet.

The one square meter area around the toilet is easy to be overlooked. A wall cabinet or multi-layer wall cabinet can be installed, and the daily necessities can be classified and placed, which not only improves the space utilization rate, but also facilitates daily access.


If you are worried about the growth of bacteria or the invasion of moisture, make the closet a closed type, and hide all the cosmetics and toiletries inside. Once the cabinet door is closed, not only the visual burden is reduced, the whole bathroom also looks neater.

03 Combination of Artistic Aesthetics and Practicality 

If the bathroom in one's home is elegant enough, the taste of other rooms must not be much different. A good life is inseparable from design. Design brings aesthetics of life, and good life aesthetics requires a higher-dimensional understanding. One space, several choices. Simple and capable, warm and comfortable, noble and elegant, a mix of Chinese and Western... These are our imaginations of home, and we can customize bathroom spaces of different styles.

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Washing, showering, and toileting are the most basic functional divisions of a bathroom. Bathroom customization makes the function of the bathroom truly "needed by people". For irregular space renovation, it is important to make reasonable use of storage space to improve the basic functions of the bathroom. Take a lot of thought, and use all the design techniques that can save space or enlarge space, and you can realize a fully functional and practical small bathroom.



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