How to choose a bathroom basin?

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For decoration, it is not easy to choose a suitable washroom basin. There are a lot of basins that are just plain useless.

Should we choose an over-counter, under-counter, integrated or pedestal basin ?

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these basins and see which features are what we want most.

The bathroom is sometimes a dirty space, which is not easy to clean and take care of. The dampness, dirt, and bacteria can easily breed. Well, there may be cockroaches and spiders...

To keep the bathroom clean and tidy, the two most important points are: easy to tidy up and keep it dry.

If you choose basins based on these two points, let's analyze them one by one.

Basin Style


Above Counter Basin (Always Beautiful)

I stayed in a hotel once. The bathroom design was very creative. There are two wash basins. One is a normal under-counter basin, and the other is an above-counter basin with excellent artistic sense.

I use the under-counter basin for washing, but I always glance at the above-counter basin like a work of art.

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Almost all such beautiful above counter basins can become an installation art in the home. For those who are pursuing art decoration, you can consider buying an above counter basin.


Under Counter Basin (Practical)

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The embedded under counter basin and the "invisible" shape make the wash area look more refined and simple. This is probably a basin that many families use more often.


The basin connected with the countertop (Easy to Install)

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The countertop and the basin are integrally formed, which saves a lot of trouble for cleaning. Because it is a modular grouping mode, the installation has zero pressure.


Semi-hanging Basin (Saving Space)

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A semi-hanging basin is suitable for some customers, if we want to leave a little more space.


Pedestal Basin (Long Legs)

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Especially suitable for use in small spaces.


Cylindrical Basin (Artistic Sense)

The cylindrical basin can be disassembled. Because it is straight-through, it is not easy to block. The disadvantage is that there is no countertop for placing bathroom accessories.

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The selection of the basin also needs to be decided according to the specific design plan, such as shape, color matching, size and so on.

Finally, in order to keep this space dry and clean, we need to use a dry towel to wipe off the water in time, ventilate as much time as possible every day, and so on. Although it may seem troublesome, once you develop a habit, it will naturally be a lot easier .



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