How to choose bathroom accessories set?

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How to choose bathroom accessories set?


1. Style matching: pay attention to matching with the overall decoration style of the bathroom.


2. The bathroom hardware should be purchased as a set, which is cheaper than the single purchase. One set of bathroom accessories with unified design of the series is more complete and stylish. Avoid mismatching.


3. The material is preferably stainless steel, and the surface is chrome-plated. The biggest advantage of stainless steel material is strong stability, high density, heavy weight, high ductility and plasticity. And it can be designed in various shapes. It is plated with a layer of metallic chromium, which is bright, waterproof and rust-proof.


4. Pay attention to these details when choosing.


Surface Finish

Surface plating determines if towel racks can last forever. Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the surface, the more uniform the color, and the better the mirror effect, the better the coating quality.

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Product Base

Pay attention to the material of the base. The material of the base determines the strength of the load-bearing capacity. Most manufacturers use zinc alloy materials. If it is stainless steel, it depends on which standard stainless steel is used.

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Surface Touch

Good bathroom accessories have flawless appearance. Touch can make a certain judgment on the product quality. Smooth touch without burrs is good surface treatment performance. Pay special attention to corners, welding positions, etc.

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