How to judge the quality of a faucet ?

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What kind of faucet is good?


Is it expensive? Seriously, price is one aspect of course. We must also consider these:


1. Faucet Cartridge

Cartridge is the heart of the faucet. According to the material, there are ceramic cartridges, stainless steel cartridges, and brass cartridges available on the market.


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After the faucet has been used a long time, there may be a dripping problem. We may think the handle is not closed tightly or the handle is loose. In fact, the problem is often not the handle, but the cartridge hidden inside is beginning to age. The quality of the cartridge is a decisive factor affecting the service life of the faucet.


Ceramic cartridge is currently the mainstream cartridge on the market. It is wear-resistant, high-temperature and aging resistant, not easy to rust, good sealing, long service life, and less water pollution. Stainless steel and brass cartridges are also good choices. But bad brass and stainless steel materials are easy to rust, accumulate scale and affect water quality.

The Aquacubic cartridge is of higher quality than ordinary cartridges. It is made of ceramic and is integrally sealed with glue. It can adapt to various environments to ensure that the faucet will never leak under any severe conditions. It is durable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.



2. Surface Coating

The surface coating is related to the corrosion resistance of the surface of the faucet.

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In this regard, the electroplating corrosion resistance test in China is divided into 1-10 grades, and the tenth grade is the best. Aquacubic faucet can pass 24-hour acid salt spray test. The surface treatment reaches the highest tenth level. The surface should be smooth, and there is no uneven rough feeling. And it is corrosion resistant. 

Of course, if you want a better coating, you can choose anti-fingerprint brushed nickel finish. Through a special process, the surface of the faucet is not easily stained with fingerprint. The best choice for cleaning enthusiasts.



3. Main Material

The main material is the main part of the water flowing through. 

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If the main material is not good, it will affect the quality of the water we drink! Two materials, brass and stainless steel, are more common on the market. It is worth noting that 59 brass is relatively high-quality brass material. Inferior brass may cause water pollution. Aquacubic faucet body uses 59 brass. In order to let customers use healthy water, we use low lead brass to minimize the precipitation of harmful substances in waterways and remove harmful heavy metals. Drink healthily and rest assured.



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