How to put the washing machine into a three-square-meter bathroom ?

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In daily life, the planning of the bathroom is very important. A space of a few square meters has to bear a lot of sanitary ware and electrical appliances, such as toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. These are essential equipment that can improve the comfort and convenience of life.


The three-square-meter bathroom is also the size of most apartment bathrooms. The space is not large, but it does not affect people's pursuit of quality life.  How to make good use of small space and achieve the aim of practical and beautiful appearance ? There are many ways.

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01 Extend the sink counter to the washing machine and get an extra storage table.


If the area of the sink counter is relatively wide, you might as well design the washing machine and sink counter as a whole. By the way, the upper part of the washing machine is also designed as a countertop, which has an extra space for display. The whole area be neat and decent.

A large sink is exactly what women need. They have too many skin care products and cosmetics to be placed.

Suitable for: single women, or small families.

Advantages: The upper part of the washing machine is fully utilized and many things can be placed.

Of course, if you want to pay attention to some design sense, you can design the washing machine and the sink in a staggered layer, showing a patchwork of beauty, and it can also bring a unique atmosphere to a small space.

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02 The washing machine and the storage cabinet coexist harmoniously, and one thing is multi-purpose and takes up less space.


If there are many things in the house, consider using more storage cabinets in the bathroom. But in a small space of three square meters, how should the washing machine be placed?

The washing machine, storage cabinet, and sink can be designed as a whole, and the three can use each other to realize their own value, visually beautiful, form a multi-purpose, and occupy a small area.

Suitable: Families with lots of things.

Advantages: One thing is multi-purpose, and it occupies a small area.

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03 Maximize the use of corner space


There is always an unexpected room type of an apartment, such as a three-square-meter rectangle, but it happens to be faced with the problem of a lot of things and a lot of demand. The washing machine and the cabinet need to be put in the bathroom. How to achieve it ?


Three walls can be used. The storage cabinets, sinks, and washing machines leaning against the wall can perfectly maximize the use of corner space.

Suitable for: families who have many things and pay attention to space design.

Advantages: The smallest space is used to the maximum.

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04 Storage rack: Use the height of space to realize vertical storage.


Different room types and different residents have different requirements for the placement of washing machines. Some people like simple display. Easy to take things, and easy to move the washing machine. In fact, a storage rack can solve all the troubles. The storage rack is light and convenient, and there is no construction problem. You only need to place it in a suitable position, put daily necessities on it, and put a washing machine underneath it to achieve a perfect plan for a small space. This is also a way to achieve vertical storage, which saves more space.


Suitable for: Singles with less things and high requirements for the convenience of life.

Advantages: easy to move, easy to clean, and less costly for decoration.

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It is not difficult to stuff a washing machine in a three-square-meter bathroom. The key is to design in combination with different room types. In addition, the living needs and actual conditions of different residents must be considered to create a comfortable and practical bathroom space.

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