How to start the first cleaning after renovation ?

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Don't think that after the new house is renovated, it will be as pleasing as the propaganda album. After the new house is renovated, a large amount of decoration waste will be generated. Dust, stains and marks from the decoration will be left on the walls and glass. Just like a baby who was just born, she will have a cute appearance after washing and putting on clean clothes.

Cleaning the newly renovated new home is an important task after decorating the new home. It is also the most laborious task. Facing a messy and unstructured new home, you don’t know where to start. Summarize the first cleaning experience after the renovation. We hope it will be of reference significance to you.

01 Cleaning Service

Those who are clueless about the cleaning of a new house can choose the cleaning service of a housekeeping company. Housekeeping companies have their own routines and tools for cleaning work. It is also a way to hand over professional cleaning work to them. The premise is to choose a qualified and high-quality housekeeping company. Services include: house dust removal, cleaning up decoration garbage, wiping glass, cleaning the floor, decontamination and disinfection of kitchen and toilet, cleaning up decoration traces, etc.

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Notes on cleaning service

1. Organize a list of cleaning precautions, and list some areas that need special cleaning to avoid omissions. The decoration materials of each family are different. It is necessary to tell them some precautions, such as which places and areas cannot use water or chemical cleaners. These need to be communicated clearly with the housekeeping company before starting work.

2. Clearly state the materials of walls, floors, furniture, etc. that need to be cleaned, and let the staff prepare appropriate cleaning tools.

3. Communicate clearly about the tools needed for cleaning, which are brought by the staff and which are prepared by us.

4. Communicate clearly on the disposal method of the cleaned up waste, whether to throw it away or keep it somewhere.

5. Supervision, including whether to do a good job in dust prevention and cleaning of dead ends.


02 Clean Up by Yourself

Some people are unwilling to hand over their new homes to strangers to clean up, so they do their own cleaning work. Cleaning in person is nothing more than two things: preparing tools and clarifying the order of cleaning.


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Preparation of Tools:

1. These will be used to clean the wall.

Small brush, sandpaper (to polish the paint on the wall), shovel, glass spatula, wet paper towel (to wipe the wallpaper), ladder.

2. These will be used to clean the ground.

Vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, nano sponge, rag (use a discarded old bed sheet; the size can be cut at will. It is big enough), dust cover, garbage bag.

3. Protective Equipment

Shoe covers, gloves, aprons, masks.

4. Cleaning Utensils

Detergents, maintenance agents, disinfectants, glue removers.


Cleaning Order: 

Cleaning follows the order from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. 

Start cleaning from the room first, and then go to the kitchen and living room. The bathroom can be placed last, because the bathroom is a place where water is used repeatedly during the cleaning process.

Like kitchens and bathrooms, where there are wall tiles, they need to be cleaned from top to bottom to clean up the gaps in the tiles and the paint spots and glue stains on the surface.


03 Cleaning Techniques

During the decoration process, many traces of material adhesion will be left, and some cleaning skills are required.

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Tape print: Use a damp cloth to wet it for a while before wiping.

Paint traces: Use paint remover or turpentine.

Marker marks: Wipe with a rag or damp paper towel with some alcohol.

Tile stains: Use special detergent for tiles to clean, paint and drawing pen fluid can be cleaned with turpentine, pyruvic acid or alkali.

Cement on glass: If it is a small cement stain, wipe it with a damp cloth and then scrape it off with a spatula. If it is a stubborn and large cement block, you can use the toilet cleaner to remove it. The effect is very good.


Tips: The toilet cleaner is acidic. Wear gloves when using it and don't think that the toilet cleaner is effective in removing cement and use it on tiles and marble floors. In addition, do not use alkaline soap at the same time when removing the cement on the glass.


04 Cleaning Can Be Done Separately.

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In fact, if the new house cleaning work is done step by step during the renovation process, the subsequent cleaning will not be so laborious. Separate the cleaning work to these renovation steps:


1. After the water supply line and electricity are completed, and the walls and ground are leveled, the whole house can be cleaned and clean up the discarded decoration garbage.

2. When laying tiles, remind the workers to wipe off the cement stains on the surface of the tiles after laying the tiles.

3. After painting the wall and floor, you can clean it again.


If you have other new house cleaning experience, please leave a message to share with us.



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