In a limited bathroom, Create unlimited possibilities.

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As housing prices continue to rise, the pressure on young people to buy apartments is increasing. In order to be able to buy a new apartment as soon as possible, small-sized housing has become the choice of more young people. In this way, you can own a home of your own without too much financial pressure. Of course, homes can be small, but life must be exquisite. If you want a quality of life and a more comfortable living, you must spend more time and energy on decoration.

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Choose a suitable decoration style, choose furniture with a variety of storage functions, make an overall plan for the space, and maximize the use of space. Small apartment houses can also enjoy exquisite and beautiful life! So when we are decorating, how do we make small-sized houses decorated both exquisitely and practically?


01 Principles of small apartment space planning


Although the space is small, the planning can not be less. When planning and designing, first of all we must plan and layout the space in a unified way. According to the family's living needs, different regional functions are clearly planned to meet the needs and quality of the whole family's life. Second, improve space efficiency. The overall layout of the room area should be reasonable. Try to reduce the aisle area and some shared area. For example, some non-load-bearing walls can be knocked down and replaced by glass walls. After meeting the basic functional needs of the family, the principles of economical and practical space decoration should be clarified. Avoid excessive decoration of the space, which not only reduces economic consumption, but also makes the sense of space larger, and also avoids air pollution caused by excessive decoration, which affects health. Finally, because our house is a small apartment, we should make full use of each space, not let go of any corner, and strive to maximize the actual use of space. We can not only make reasonable configuration in terms of plane layout, but also make full use of the facade space. In a limited space, create unlimited possibilities!


02 Five choices to maximize the space of a small apartment


In the specific decoration process of small apartments, first, it is recommended that the main color of the decoration can be white. White can make small apartments simple and generous. Because white visually makes the space more spacious, it also makes the space brighter. Second, if the height of the small apartment is not high enough, you can make good use of the ceiling. The color of the ceiling can be lighter than other walls. The color gap can obviously increase the height of the room and make the space feel larger. Third, to make the sense of space bigger, we must plan every piece of furniture in the room. Let them perform their duties and put them in the right place! And try to choose furniture with storage function, so that each space has a strong storage capacity. Avoid clutter in the room and free up more space for use. Fourth, for small apartments, the mirror is a perfect artifact. Use a mirror to extend your small apartment. For example, a mirror can be installed in the living room, ceiling, porch, and bathroom. The mirror is very practical and has the effect of expanding the vision. The reflected light source of the mirror can also make the room's daylighting stronger and the entire space more clear. Fifth, although the space of small-sized housing is relatively small, there are not few things that should be included in daily life. Therefore, the most important thing for a small apartment is to have a powerful storage function.

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03 Tips for storage in different spaces


The storage in the kitchen is cabinets, wall cabinets and workstation, but the workstation in the small apartment kitchens are usually relatively small and can't hold too many things. If you put too many things, you may not have a place to cut vegetables during normal cooking. At this time, you can stick hooks, racks, etc. on the wall to place some items. In the living room, most young people now know that they can use the sofa background wall and the TV background wall for storage. It can not only save space, organize storage items, but also decorate the living room. In fact, the sofa is also a good storage point. Choose a sofa with a drawer cabinet. Although there is not much storage space, you can also put some relatively mini items, such as nail clippers, mobile phone holders, and game workstation. The bedroom is the most storage place for small apartment houses. Choosing a large wardrobe can meet most of the storage needs. Coupled with the combination of the bedside background wall cabinet and the bed bottom cabinet, basically everything can be stored. The bedroom is messy and the scene of clothes everywhere will never appear again. Of course, there is also the bathroom, which is the most frequently used place in daily life, but the space is small, and there are many and miscellaneous things. It is a headache to organize and organize. Therefore, in the early stage of the decoration, the bathroom space must be stored well.

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04 Super bathroom storage rules


A small bathroom will need at least a washing area, a shower area, and sometimes even a laundry area, bathing area. The more functions, the more debris. All kinds of toiletries, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, basins, dirty clothes, etc. must be piled up in the bathroom. There are always problems in life, but life will also give us some solutions. At this time, we can choose some suitable bathroom products, and then match some small storage pieces. Develop every corner of the bathroom, expand the space, and make the bathroom grow from small to large, clean and tidy!  

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