In the name of love, build a love nest together.

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Let there be a lot of things outside, leave a corner quietly in the room. 

Under the dim sky, admire the bright moon. 

Talk about the wonderful life with your lover. 

Continue the romantic vow of "hold your hand, grow old with you".

Enjoy every inch comfortable cozy time with your heart.

Shakespeare wrote: "There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes." There are also a thousand homes in a thousand people's eyes. So what are the home design styles that current couples love? How to create a sense of happiness at home in the two-person world?

Choose Home Style:

01 Simple Style 

The world of young people is always simple and beautiful. The simple style is not only the simplification of design elements, but also the serenity, comfort and warmth of a two-person home.

02 Modern Style 

Sweet time is always quiet and happy. The modern style pursues the practicality and flexibility of the space. Through the mutual penetration of functional spaces, and the transparency of simple wide areas, it can give romantic couples more practical applicability.

03 Nordic Style 

The romantic two-person world is always sweet and warm. The Nordic style with logs and white as the main colors, from layout planning to detailed experience, gives people a simple, fresh and natural feeling. It adds points to sweetness.

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Use Decoration Skills:

As a two-person home, it is necessary to clarify the living requirements before decoration design. Do a good job of space planning. Increase the functional area as much as possible, and pay attention to the following two decoration tips:

01 Choose Light And Medium Colors To Extend The Space:

Choose bright colors in an exclusive space suitable for two people to live in. The visual sense will be strong. In terms of color, light tones and intermediate colors should be selected as the basic tone of furniture, bedspreads, sofas, and curtains, supplemented by low chroma space. Extend the space to form a warm home atmosphere.

02 Choose A Uniform Material:

The home for two embraces warmness and brightness. The color of the ground can be used in the color system with strong brightness and low purity. Use pebbles to make its own guiding line. In the flowing atmosphere of light and shadow, feel the quiet time between two people.

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Create A Home Style That We Love


01 Living Room:

As the most functional area in the home, the living room can not only meet guests and friends, hold small family gatherings, but also entertain and relax the body and mind. Before decoration, you can use the open design to expand the space in the living room. If you seldom meet guests at home, you can also change the living room to a study room to create a small and flexible two-person world.

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02 Bedroom:

One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The bedroom of two people should be kept in a clean and tidy color, interspersed with delicate small objects. Create a romantic and warm atmosphere, so you can feel the pleasure and relax as soon as you enter the room.

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03 Kitchen:

Japanese writer Yoshimoto once wrote in "The Kitchen": "In this world, I think my favorite place is the kitchen." The expectation of a better life in the couple's room has been witnessed by the kitchen. Even if the space in the house is small, a small round table can be placed next to the sofa, which is enough to make the most romantic dinner for two people.

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04 Bathroom:

As a frequently used area in the home, the bathroom is small, but it is a very important part of the decoration. If the decoration design is not in place, it will affect the happiness of family living. Therefore, before the decoration design, while focusing on individualized and practical design, it is also necessary to control all the details of the bathroom to prevent the lovers' daily life from being affected.

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Recommend 1: Black Shower Head and Handle Set

A shower helps you wash away the exhaustion caused by a busy day’s work. While getting rid of the fluctuating water flow, enjoy a new comfortable shower experience. Let your body and mind get a great relaxation and rest. The water flow is smooth and not easy to be blocked, bringing a more hearty shower experience. The unique in-wall waterway design, simple silicone surface, and smooth lines make people feel friendly and comfortable, and also increase the overall beauty and sense of space.

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Recommendation 2: Bathtub


At the end of a day's work, go home and soak in a comfortable hot bath. Lazy, relaxed and at ease. But many can't pick a bathtub, and worry about wasting space and interfering with the normal use of other bathroom functions. Don't panic. Aquacubic can help. A variety of product specifications can meet different needs. The soft arc, elegant design, and unique color matching enhance the fashion sense and decorative effect of the entire bathroom. The pure white color satisfies the sense of cleanliness. Enjoy the clean experience easily. When you take a bath, you can enjoy the moment of immersing your body in warm water, relieve fatigue and decompression, which greatly satisfies the lovers' pursuit of high-quality life.



Practical and comfortable household products simplify the steps of life, improve the quality of life, and enhance the sense of happiness in life. Work with Aquacubic to create a sweet and warm home for two people, enjoy the love and care given to each other, and let the love heat up.

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