Installation height and installation method of bathroom hardware accessories set

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Towel bar: Towel bar is used to hang towels. The installation position is generally a position closer to the bath, and the installation height is generally 1.4 to 1.6 meters from the ground. The installation height should not be too low, otherwise the towel will get wet when bathing. The installation methods of the towel bar can be summarized into two types, one is to install without punching and the other is to install with emptying. Hole-free installation methods generally include vacuum suction cup type and watering type. Screws are generally used for drilling holes. Nowadays, many families prefer the non-punch vacuum suction cup installation, because it is easy to install, fast, and does not require much effort when disassembling. It does not cause any damage to the wall, but after a long time, it is easier to loose and fall off.  The fixing force is not as strong as screwing. The watering type, as the name implies, is fixed on the wall with nail-free glue. It takes more time to install, but the cost savings are better than others.


Towel rack: The towel rack is used to place bath towels. The installation location is next to the towel bar or in an open position in the bathroom. You can design the installation location according to the characteristics of your own bathroom. The length and width of the bath towel are several times that of the towel. The height of the installation is naturally higher than that of the towel bar, but it mainly depends on the average height of the family members.


Toilet paper holder: The toilet paper holder is used to place toilet paper. It is generally installed next to the toilet. The installation position should be lower than the toilet. If it is installed higher than the toilet, you can imagine how inconvenient it is.

Paper holder

Toilet brush holder: The toilet brush is generally installed next to the toilet, and it is recommended not to install it next to the toilet paper holder. The toilet brush usually contains bacteria when cleaning the toilet, and then the air around the toilet brush has many bacteria, and the bacteria are easy to adhere to the paper towel.

Toilet brush holder

Storage basket: The storage basket is generally installed near the shower, and is used to place items such as shower gel and shampoo for easy bathing. The installation height is generally one meter two to one meter four. These are just for reference, and are of no practical use. You can design according to your own habits and believe in yourself.

Storage basket

Clothes hook: The characteristics of stainless steel clothes hooks are reflected in high temperature and low temperature resistance according to physical properties, and corrosion resistance and not easy to rust according to chemical properties. They are expensive and expensive, and are suitable for bathroom use. Space aluminum clothes hooks are characterized by not easy to fade, good environmental performance, not easy to rust, and easy to dye. The clothes hooks made of space aluminum materials on the market are rich in colors, strong in decoration, and low in price. The disadvantage is that the pressure resistance is weak. Not suitable for hanging heavy objects, suitable for various places. The copper clothes hook itself has high material density and good stability, so it is not easy to rust, resists pressure and is heavy, and is more expensive in the market. It is suitable for kitchens, living rooms and other places. Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with some alloying elements, so aluminum alloy hooks are slightly better than space aluminum hooks in terms of performance. Zinc alloy is an alloy formed by adding other elements based on zinc, so zinc alloy clothes hooks are characterized by good manufacturability, long use time and easy cleaning. Wooden clothes hooks have low immunity to humid environments, poor physical properties, but strong decoration, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and other locations. Plastic clothes hooks are easy to mold, so most of the plastic clothes hooks on the market are not only highly decorative but also low-cost. The disadvantage is that the surface is not resistant to dirt and it is inconvenient to clean.


When we buy, we must consider the actual situation at home. Choose the right size and the required rack. Don't buy the package blindly. Some things may not be useful.



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