Is it better to install the washbasin outside or inside the bathroom?

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The bathroom area is small, but it needs to be equipped with sinks, cabinets, washing machines, showers and toilets. There is a new way by changing the water route in advance to move the basin outside the bathroom!

Simplify the Bathroom

If you want the washbasin to be outside the bathroom, the most feasible way is to move the door of the bathroom inward to ensure the privacy of the toilet and bathing area.

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This approach is actually the traditional "dry-wet separation".

But the difference is that the original washroom door does not need to be installed, and the basin area and the outer area are more integrated.

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A sliding door can be installed between the toilet & the shower area and basin, or a specially customized water resistant door. The floor tiles at the basin area can be designed as a unified design with the outside of the bathroom.

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The laundry area and the basin are integrated on the outside, because it is not afraid of moisture, the towel basket does not need to be stuffed in the cabinet.

The overall space has not become more crowded by adding walls. Entering the door, the bathtub and shower head are immediately visible and easy to use.

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Generally, ultra-thin lightweight partition walls are used, and waterproof coatings are also applied, so there is no need to worry about the partition walls being too thick or not moisture-proof.

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Move the basin outside the door


The size and layout of the bathroom are not satisfactory, so let the washbasin truly stand outside the bathroom door!

Where should I install the basin outside the bathroom door?

First of all, it is recommended to be as close as possible to the original sink drain pipe, which is convenient for construction and saves labor and money.

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Secondly, consider the habit of daily use of basins. For example, every morning, if you and your family can't wash and go to the toilet at the same time, put the basin near the bedroom.

You can brush your teeth and wash your face when you get up in the morning and go out.

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If there is a corridor end or a concave wall near the toilet, it is most suitable to install the sink cabinet.

But it doesn't matter if there is no concave wall, self-built partitions are equally beautiful. 

The lockers for bathing products can be placed above the basin together. In this way, the remodeled bathroom will be more refreshing and easy to take care of.

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The wash basin can be placed on the balcony.

The wash basin is placed on the balcony because it does not occupy the kitchen and bathroom space, and it is convenient to dry the towels after washing.

Now that the water pipe has been connected to the balcony, you can also plan a good-looking basin. In addition to washing, water for watering flowers and boiling water can be obtained here.

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For a family with one bathroom but three generations living together, one more basin can reduce a lot of inconvenience in life.

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Make a simple-style balcony hand-washing area. It’s more convenient to wash your hands and fruits now.

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Wash basins can be hung on the wall. 

The washbasin can also be hung on the wall to play its function, but it will involve all kinds of wall drilling. And it can’t be moved after it’s built, so consider carefully before decorating it.

The best place to put a basin in the bedroom.

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The cosmetic storage cabinet can be installed under the basin. Daily skin care, makeup, and makeup removal can be done easily.

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If the toilet is close to the hallway, install a basin beside the hallway to enrich the functions of the hallway.

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The dining room can also be equipped with an independent basin, and the water pipe can be taken from the kitchen at the beginning of the decoration.


Installing the basin outside the bathroom, in addition to being practical and convenient, can also match the overall style of the home. The washbasin can be integrated into the design of the cabinet, and the surrounding waterproof treatment should be done.

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