Key Points for Choosing Vanity and Bathroom Sink

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Whether the owner of a house is willing to clean the room, the point is not how nice the living room is, but how clean the bathroom is. So what should a good-looking bathroom need to be? Let's take a look. The sink over vanity is the most important part of the bathroom. Therefore, a nice sink can add a lot to the beauty of the bathroom.

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Water Drainage

There are two types of drainage.


Drainage in Wall: no exposed pipes can be seen, more beautiful. 

Drainage in Floor: It can be seen that the pipe is directly connected to the countertop from the floor. There will be more cleaning work.


The advantage of the in-wall drainage is that if there is a leak in the drainage pipe upstairs, the neighbors downstairs will not be flooded.

The disadvantage is that once the drainage pipe buried in the wall is blocked, the wall needs to be destroyed, and the pipe may be dredged. But redoing the wall decoration is a new problem.

So you must use good materials when burying it, or you will be tossing yourself. Chinese families basically use the in-floor drainage, so they all need to customize the bulky cabinet to cover it.

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Wall-mounted Cabinets

Compared with the traditional floor-mounted bathroom cabinets, the wall-mounted cabinets has a better appearance and lightness. Its bottom is suspended, which is very convenient to clean up. And without a hint of bulkiness, it looks very stylish and beautiful.

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Wall-mounted wash basins generally choose in-wall drainage, and the drain pipe is perfectly hidden in the wall. So drain pipe can not be seen. It will improve overall aesthetics. Therefore, before installing the washbasin, drainage treatment must be done so that it will not cause too much trouble for later maintenance.


In addition, the bottom of the washbasin can be selected according to your own preferences, made into an open partition or a closed cabinet, or simply mixed and matched, which can meet the storage needs of towels and some toiletries.

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Floor-standing Vanity

In modern bathroom design, floor-standing vanities are also welcomed by many young people today. However, its bottom is not completely close to the ground, and it does not look as solid and bulky as it used to be. It is basically designed with a bottom space, and it is supported by thin feet, which is also very convenient to install.

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Of course, in addition to the pursuit of beauty, if you do not do a good job in the shower separation, it may cause water stains to penetrate or erode the cabinet legs, which will shorten the service life of the vanity over time.

There is no fixed choice for the drainage method of the floor-standing cabinet.

Even if you hide the sewer pipes in the cabinet in order to save effort, you can still ensure beautiful and practical effects. Make full use of the space. All objects will be placed neatly and uniformly.

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I always thought that the washbasin is everything. 

Later, after listening to the professional tasting, I realized how superficial such thoughts are. The washbasin is only a small part.

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Above counter basin: high-end and high-grade. 

Advantages: safe and convenient, many choices, the most important thing is easy disassembly.

Disadvantages: warping will appear at the connection with the countertop, especially the cheap water basin. And it is prone to leaking water to the sink cabinet. If the installation is not careful, there will be exposed glass glue, which will turn yellow and black after a long time.

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Under-counter basin: low-key luxury.

Advantages: integrated with the countertop, beautiful and easy to clean.

Disadvantages: The countertop needs to be processed and installed in the workshop. The designer or installation worker who has insufficient experience will cause the water basin to deviate from the middle of the sink cabinet; it is necessary to choose a faucet with a suitable water outlet angle; it is inconvenient to disassemble.

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By the form of installation, it can be divided into two types. One is a floor-standing and the other is a wall-mounted. Generally, floor-standing cabinets are used in bathrooms with separate shower rooms, and are more compatible with floor drainage. If your bathroom has a larger space, you can choose floor-standing wash cabinets.

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Wall-mounted wash cabinets have become more popular in recent years. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to take care of and save space.

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In short, in this era of pursuing the supreme beauty, even the vanity has become more advanced unknowingly! If you don't want to make your vanity and bathroom sink look so mediocre, you might as well do some bold attempts and use the most popular design to improve the quality of life!

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