Kitchen designs to share. There must be something you like. Part 1

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Kitchen Design

When designing a functional kitchen, the rule of triangles should be kept in mind. That is, the sink, stove and refrigerator are arranged in a triangle. The L-shaped kitchen fits this triangle shape very well. The L-shaped layout is most suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens. The first-class kitchen is not only about the layout, but also about creating delicious food through the inspiration of the right layout.

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1. The large patterned backsplash and striped floor are the highlights of this colorful kitchen. A small semi-circular breakfast bar is set up on one side of the room, allowing guests to have conversations with busy chefs, or have a quick snack or a morning coffee here.

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2. This red kitchen has an open shelf filled with useful decorative items.

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3. Colorful furniture and hardware accessories work well when paired with white or light-colored upper wall cabinets, so as not to oversaturate the space.

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4. Since the L-shaped kitchen only uses two walls, they naturally open up the space. This is an ideal kitchen, a natural connection with the living room or dining room.

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5. Using eye-catching design features, a black wall cabinet is installed on one wall of the kitchen. Formed to correspond to the light-colored cabinet on the other wall.

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6. By adding carpets, the space feels more rectangular. Place a tall decorative vase on the floor at the end of the floor-to-ceiling cabinet to soften the appearance of hard edges.


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7. If the budget allows, please use some retractable doors to replace the kitchen wall on one side, leading directly to the outdoors. The added natural light and space to overlook will truly change your kitchen.

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8. A large floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the garden can also bring great satisfaction. The shutters here are wooden, matching the horizontal strips around the kitchen cabinets. Several geometrically shaped succulent flower pots match the backsplash, forming a perfect modern pattern.

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9. This yellow L-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar is equipped with a matching yellow refrigerator.

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10. Decorate the blank kitchen walls with some printed art, which is also a good way to mark dining spots.

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11. Even if the counter extends beyond the "L" here, it is added to the overall design because it brings ingenious inspiration to the L-shaped kitchen with corner windows.

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12. The display of decorative wood board is a beautiful and suitable terminal.

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13. There is a luminous wooden slit between the crisp white cabinets, which looks clean and inviting.

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14. Build a squatty vacant storage space in the L-shaped wall cabinet. For example, this white frame kitchen design with wooden color.

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15. The wine cabinets standing high in this black kitchen are sure to delight the guests!

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16. Large plants are placed on the edge of the L-shaped kitchen. The LED-lit bookshelf brightens the wooden functional wall.

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17. Another wine rack in the L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula.



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