Kitchen designs to share. There must be something you like. Part 2

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Kitchen Design

When designing a functional kitchen, the rule of triangles should be kept in mind. That is, the sink, stove and refrigerator are arranged in a triangle. The L-shaped kitchen fits this triangle shape very well. The L-shaped layout is most suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens. The first-class kitchen is not only about the layout, but also about creating delicious food through the inspiration of the right layout.

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1. Industrial style kitchen design.

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2. This sweet gray kitchen is equipped with golden cabinet handles and natural wood fittings. The table with green leaves adds a lot of color to the small kitchen, which can maximize the dining space in an instant.

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3. The wine glass is the focus point of this home, highlighted by the light from the strip lights in the glass cabinet.

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4. If because of space reasons, wall cabinets cannot be customized. An open kitchen can be realized by gradually narrowing the cabinet width.

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5. Design a peninsula in the center of the kitchen by extending the cabinets.

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6. Here is not only an L-shaped cabinet, but also a floor of the same shape.

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7. Choose white locker. And choose blue floor cabinets and wall cabinets to break the appearance of one color and long layout.

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8. If the kitchen has a window facing the outside, the kitchen sink can be located in front of the window, just like this green kitchen.

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9. In this black kitchen, the ceiling extension is also black and equipped with spotlights. The accessory materials on the ceiling add color to the layout, and the two-color cabinets have unique light and dark design.

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10. A series of pink designs and copper accessories are matched with pink blue decorations to exude perfect contrast and warmth.

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11. The golden honey color and black bring the perfect color combination to the light gray and white kitchen.

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12. The golden faucet, silver oven, copper vases and candle holders add highlights to the white kitchen.

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13. You can merge two separate rooms together, like this kitchen with a washing machine.

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14. The floor cabinets and wall cabinets are right-angled and uniquely arranged.

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15. Use two rows of wall cabinets of different depths to break the rigid arrangement of parallel double rows.

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16. L-shaped wall cabinet with recessed lighting. Create a unique kitchen layout through a series of different color combinations.



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