Kitchen designs to share. There must be something you like. Part 3

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Kitchen Design

When designing a functional kitchen, the rule of triangles should be kept in mind. That is, the sink, stove and refrigerator are arranged in a triangle. The L-shaped kitchen fits this triangle shape very well. The L-shaped layout is most suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens. The first-class kitchen is not only about the layout, but also about creating delicious food through the inspiration of the right layout.

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1. The blank walls are decorated with a series of wall shelves and hanging rails for kitchen utensils.

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2. This design allows flower pots to be stored in a space that is not large enough to accommodate a shelf.

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3. This complete wooden kitchen extends its style beyond the corridor, to the adjacent wall and a room door.

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4. The length of the double-window countertop looks magnificent, and the intricate patterns on the other wall balance the overall appearance.

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5. Large potted plants form a natural separation between the kitchen and dining area.

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6. Use inline mode to make full use of small space.

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7. The combination of open shelves and multi-colored blocks is an interesting solution.

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8. Minimalist kitchens can use handleless flat embedded-in-wall furniture.

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9. Even the few special tiles can bring new colors to the pure white kitchen.

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10. An open shelf occupies one wall, and a closed cabinet occupies another wall. Keep small spaces ventilated and open, instead of containing too many complex elements.

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11. Floor tiles help make smaller spaces appear wider.

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12. Horizontal stripes are another way to expand the space visually.

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13. This extraordinary kitchen has a series of open and closed designs that can show and hide different appliances.

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14. Two bar stools turn the end of a cabinet into a breakfast bar.

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15. Wrap the work counter on the side of the end cabinet to get a stylish and luxurious appearance.

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16. This L-shaped kitchen layout has corner windows and is dominated by pure yellow color blocks. It overlaps with half of the wall cabinet and finally passes through the window glass in the form of a colored film.

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17. Add light wood tones and pleasant prints to the white kitchen to create a Scandinavian-style kitchen.



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