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As a manufacturer of sanitary products for more than 11 years, we have seen many customers whose bathrooms are really full of functions. Although it is small, the functions are still very diverse. Have to admire!


Modern decoration requires both practical functions and individual style, so the budget is often difficult to control. The bathroom space usage rate is high. If you can save it everywhere, rework and repair will occur, and the gains will outweigh the losses. At the same time, the cost of furniture and decoration can also be spent more or less. The following are some small details on the bathroom decoration, which can save costs time and time again!


1) Waterproofing is essential for walls. 

Waterproofing in the bathroom is very important, not only to choose high-quality materials, but also to ensure professional painting. The wall waterproof in the wet area should be at least 180cm above the ground and 50cm for other places. The ground waterproofing generally needs to be brushed twice and a 24-hour closed water test should be carried out. Wall corners, water pipes, etc. should also be carefully done.


Ceramic tiles are the highlight of bathroom decoration. And the wall area is large. You can choose relatively economical tiles to ensure the waterproof performance. You can also directly paint with waterproof paint where it is not in the shower area. It will reduce cost.


Mosaics with rich patterns can enhance the visual aesthetics of the space. And to reduce material costs and manual laying costs, mosaics can be laid only on key positions. Tiles, waist line and top line can be selected according to your own needs to control the cost of decoration.

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The original light-body wall is removed and replaced with a transparent glass wall, which expands the visual area of the space and also saves costs.

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Mosaic paving requires a high labor cost, so you can find a large mosaic-like wall tile to pave the wall, which can save a lot of money. Since there are fewer gaps between large-size mosaic tiles, the amount of caulking agent is correspondingly reduced, which is often used for reference and selection in home decoration.


2) The floor area should be beautiful and non-slip.

Safety should be placed in the most important position, and slip resistance should be considered in the selection of floor tiles. At the same time, the human body will directly touch the ground, so the quality of materials should be paid attention to. Bright floor tiles are relatively slippery, so use them as little as possible in the bathroom, and use matte floor tiles or tiles with good anti-slip properties.


When paving the floor tiles, the slope must be appropriate, and the floor drain must be the lowest point so that the water can flow smoothly. The floor tiles should be made of whole tiles as much as possible, and the gap between the tiles should be controlled at about 2mm.


The area of decorative tiles on the ground is smaller than that of the wall. The use of interval paving can save the budget, and only use the same pattern of tiles to be separated by more than one tile.


If you want to create a low-cost bathroom with a natural texture, you can use wood-grain tiles instead of waterproof solid wood, which also has the characteristics of natural patterns, elegant colors, and easier matching with other sanitary wares.

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Paving decal tiles in the bathroom can improve the monotonous bathroom style. In the actual construction process, the cost of laying decal tiles is much cheaper than mosaic.

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When special-shaped handmade tiles are laid on the ground, they should be from the inside out, the gap between the tiles should be controlled within 8mm, and the height of the caulking agent should be level with the tiles. The paving of this kind of tiles should be carried out in sequence according to the serial number on the back to avoid waste caused by rework.


3) Cleverly arrange the exposed and concealed sanitary ware. 

The bathroom is a place where multiple channels of water and electricity converge. In the early stage of renovation, it is necessary to choose quality water pipes, wires, etc. And the wiring must comply with the regulations to avoid water leakage due to design and material selection problems.

As the space expands and functions increase, there are more and more electrical appliances in the bathroom. If you want to install smart toilet lids, integral shower rooms, massage bathtubs, multi-functional bathroom cabinets, etc., you must first make the sockets during the decoration to avoid rewiring in the future and increase the trouble.


The plumbing renovation of the bathroom is most laborious. If you want to save this part of the cost, the pipeline must be open-lined, without slotting, and future maintenance can also save a lot of costs.

In addition, avoid excessive wiring when rebuilding waterways and circuits. Use multi-hole sockets as much as possible on the panel of the socket. Under the premise of the same number of wires, you can plug in more electrical appliances. The wiring of the space is reconstructed with open wires, and the wires are routed from the top. The outer wall of the pipe is painted with waterproof paint, which saves a lot of labor costs and is also convenient for maintenance.

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The bathrooms are uniformly decorated in black and white tones, simple and generous. The upper and lower water pipes of the sanitary ware are made of metal material, which has a long service life and is not easy to be damaged.

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The space matching has been cleverly designed. The cement wall is matched with solid wood floor tiles, which is elegant and warm, satisfying practical functions and beautiful.


4) Shower Area

The quality of the glass used in the shower room is closely related to the safety of the bathroom. Fine tempered glass is generally difficult to break, and it will not hurt people when broken. Therefore, when choosing, don't be greedy for temporary cheapness, and try to choose high-quality, well-reputed brands.

The frame of the shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, so it is not corroded or rusty. The thickness of the main frame aluminum alloy is preferably 1.1mm or more, which is not easy to deform.


In addition to professional brand shower rooms, the shower area can also be separated from dry and wet areas with various partitions. Common glass partitions only need to be installed on one side when combined with the wall, which saves costs by using less materials.

At the same time, the installation of the shower room can be omitted. The base of the shower room mainly plays the role of heat preservation and drainage, and the material is mostly acrylic.

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The shower area is separated by a glass wall, and the ground is transitioned by steps to create a semi-enclosed shower space. The glass partition is directly fixed with hardware without reaching the top, which gives the space better permeability.

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A wall serves as a partition, separating the wash area from the shower area. The interior of the wash area is covered with ceramic tiles, the exterior is painted with waterproof paint, and the key parts are strengthened.


5) Wash Area 

The floor drain is most commonly used for sink, and the wall mount type can be used for more advanced spaces. It is best to have all S-bends to prevent upward odor. Basins are divided into above-counter basins, under-counter basins and wall-mounted basins. Above counter basins for households are more suitable and easy to install. The under counter basin is suitable for a large area bathroom, and the installation is relatively complicated.


Small-space or low-budget families can abandon the overall bathroom cabinet, and use a transparent iron frame to save space and leave more space for the legs. Mirror cabinets and recessed cabinets are more suitable for small spaces and complete the storage function of the bathroom. To reduce the cost of decoration, you can choose a single color and simple style in the decoration, and match it with retro copper-colored, metal-colored faucets or mirror lights to create highlights.

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Build the washstand with cement, and place storage baskets underneath. The wall-mounted faucet is highly decorative, but the size must be measured accurately in advance, otherwise it cannot be installed, which will affect the use.


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There is no special furniture under the basin; only metal racks are used to save costs and place toiletries.


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