Renovate and replace the shower room.

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In China some people say that the struggle in the big city is so hard. Why not go to work in a small town? Is it worth struggling to afford a small apartment for a lifetime? I believe many people will find it worthwhile, because in big cities there are opportunities that cannot be found in small towns. The small apartment is not terrible. We can remodel it. As long as we have a dream, everything is possible. The owner Mr. Zhang who lives in Shanghai, like most ordinary citizens, worked hard all the way from the small hometown and finally settled in Shanghai and bought an apartment of 70 square meters. After having a child, Mr. Zhang took his parents from his hometown. A family of 5 squeezed into a small apartment. There was only one bathroom. Every morning and every evening, they were faced with taking turns to line up to take a bath and wash. They had no patience after some time. So he thought about making another shower room, and he can make the most of the balcony. Looking at the balcony that costs him a lot, only used to pile debris and dry clothes, Mr. Zhang felt it was a pity. He had heard of a case of transforming a balcony into a shower room before, so he wondered why not give it a try. If it fails, it will be dismantled after all. After talking to his wife, Mr. Zhang started serious research. After careful study, he summarized the following points to note:


First of all, it must be waterproof. Due to the special location of the balcony, the back may be the living room or bedroom. Considering that moisture may cause mold and peeling on the back wall, it is recommended that the waterproof layer of the wall where the shower is installed is painted as high as possible. The waterproof coating is generally brushed 2~3 times.


Second, make sure that the ground has a slope. The ground also needs to be waterproofed, and it is also necessary to ensure that the ground has a certain slope so that the sewage from the bath is discharged to the drain and will not flow back to the living room or other places.


Third, strengthen heat preservation. There is a big difference between the balcony shower room and the indoor shower room. Generally, the indoor shower room has only one wall with windows, and it can be kept warm by installing a heating system.


Finally, pay attention to the issue of privacy.


After studying how to install it, the next step is to choose a good shower room. Which products can meet this special demand? Because the balcony shower room is unavoidable from the wind and sun, we must pay attention to its material and anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-fading ability. At the same time, pay attention to whether the frame is strong and stable, and the wall of the shower room must be strong.


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After comparison, Mr. Zhang finally chose this shower room. This shower room is based on apartment space. The large apartment frame glass curtain wall, angular and cylindrical surfaces make the entire bathroom space richer.

At the same time, automotive-grade toughened glass has a thickness of 10MM, can withstand 700° high temperature, and has a high strength about 5 times that of ordinary glass, with outstanding impact resistance and thermal stability. In addition, EPM steel mold protection is added, so you don't have to worry about the risk of glass bursting. Even if it breaks, it will still stick to the debris to prevent the glass from splashing and hurting people. You can take a shower without restraint.

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The door frame, handle and hinge outside the main body of the shower room are all made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the surface should also be treated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-oxidation. In this way, there will be no signs of paint falling off after being exposed to the wind and sun on the balcony, and the structure is relatively strong and not prone to deformation.

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In addition, the shower room is installed on the balcony. We will most worry about water will flow everywhere. This shower room has a overflow channel and magnetic tape, which can lock the water in all directions. Don't need to worry about getting the living room wet.



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