Six bathroom decoration styles. We have everything you like.

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The sun rises quietly from below the horizon, lining the clouds with a golden rim, shining on the earth, awakening the whole city, and bringing warmth to home.

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A warm home must have a comfortable bathroom, allowing the quiet and beautiful years to stay in this private space and enjoy the pleasure of being alone.

These bathroom decoration styles are elegant, fresh and fashionable...what you want is right here.

01 Warm Japanese Style

Here, the warm beige tone is matched with stylish and individual checkered tiles. The gentle sunlight shines on the wooden floor through the windows, as if the troubles of the outside world escape into a quiet and peaceful harbor, relaxed and free.

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This Japanese-style bathroom design adds various chrome hardware sanitary products to make the space orderly.

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The low-key chrome color allows the hardware accessories to be naturally integrated into the bathroom space. The practicality of storage and the convenience of use exist at the same time. Outlines the beautiful appearance of an ideal life for you.

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02 Fresh Blue Style


My life is in my control, and the decoration of my home is also my responsibility. I have my world, it should be blue, and I can play jazz alone to imagine tomorrow.

Fresh light blue tone, hexagonal checkered tiles with fashionable leaf texture, the whole space exudes a cool atmosphere.

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With such a fresh color scheme and the same fresh chrome shower, the corner baskets in the corners neatly store bathing supplies. Fancy but not messy, as if it can make the temperature of the sultry summer drop a few degrees.

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03 High Rationality Style

The bathroom in the same blue tone, using linear textures, feels so different. Matched with white marble, it has a more rational and high-level sense.

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On the wall on the right side of the chrome faucet, a mouthwash cup holder is installed to easily store your toothbrush and mouthwash cup, and the towel can be used by reaching out. On the left wall, the chrome double hook can hang combs, necklaces, watches and other items at will. The small soap dish is so convenient to use.

If you need to make up or shave, pull the telescopic mirror forward to see more clearly.

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Placing an embedded toilet not only saves the existing space in the bathroom, but also increases the beauty of the bathroom. The addition of the towel rack enhances the storage capacity of the bathroom. The overall design style is simple and bright, and you will feel happy when you use it.

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04 Simple and Comfortable Style

Whether a bathroom can give people a clean and comfortable feeling is very important. 

In the rush of morning, the couple need to wash at the same time. This double basin design is the most popular. You can wash together in the morning and at night.

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In the middle of the basin, a makeup platform is placed. It is a large-capacity storage space. It is convenient to place different skin care products for two persons. Ladies who need makeup don’t have to stand on tiptoes and stretch their waists to the mirror on the wall. It is very convenient to directly pull the retractable makeup mirror and sit down to put on makeup.

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Towel bars are long and short, and the towels for washing your face and hands are placed separately, which is clean, hygienic and tidy. The application of smart toilets enhances the comfort experience of the entire bathroom.

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05 Light Luxury Elegance Style

The artistic marble wall and the bathroom cabinet with golden feet give the overall feeling of luxury and elegance. The hardware accessories with gold and chrome colors are so advanced that people can't move their eyes.

Black plaid tiles are added to the shower area, with a chrome shower system, which is stylish and generous. The cool color tone makes the bathroom show the grand calmness.

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06 Fashion Personality Style

Black and white matching can be said to be a classic of matching.

The overall white-based basic color, with black hardware and bathroom products, can make people feel fashionable and cool, and the vision is very comfortable.

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The shower area adopts a transparent glass shower room, which separates dry and wet, to ensure the lighting of the shower area, and has a good sense of openness. If the bathroom in your home is large enough, you can also try to install a bathtub by the window and soak in the bath. Enjoy the scenery outside the window. This design is very enjoyable.

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The bathroom is small, but it must have all the internal stuff to make life more comfortable. Before decoration, plan the washing area, laundry area, storage area, toilet area, and shower area according to the different types of houses. Do a good job of separating dry and wet sanitary ware. This will do much good.

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The world is complex and changeable, and being in it is always annoying. A simple and natural bathroom space can make people feel comfortable in body and mind, and feel the tranquility and ease of life.


A thousand people have a thousand tastes of life. As for bathroom decoration style, which one do you prefer?



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