Small bathroom decoration, how to make the bathroom space large?

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Small space bathrooms are always accompanied by a bunch of problems, such as area, lighting, and style. Our suggestion is to use all-match white, plus some tips to expand the space.

Now try to create a small white bathroom in five steps, and experience the new space immediately.


Step1  How to choose white bathroom sanitary ware ?

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The most classic color in a small space is none other than white. Simple and pure at a glance. It can expand the space visually. When you consider a bathroom with all white as background color, it is best to choose different types of white. It will be better than a single white. You can choose light porcelain colored bathroom fixtures with whiter  countertops or water baffles, and then use some transparent glass or plaster accessories.

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For bathrooms with white tiles, the gaps between the tiles can be filled with gray or black beauty agent to form regular checkered lines. The contrast of black, gray and white gives the space a stylish sense of depth. As long as you pair with simple solid-color items or mirrors, the space will immediately become active. 

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Use sanitary ware to increase the level. Choose white bathroom ware on different materials, such as matte, brushed, textured or smooth texture materials, the effect will be different. If bright white is chosen for the toilet, basin and bathtub, matte tiles are best around the bathtub and for the basin flap. The countertop is preferably frosted stone.


Step2  The small bathroom should be compactly laid out.

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The white background magnifies the vision, but in order to be more comfortable in the bathroom, we need to find ways to improve the small bathroom. Resolve space embarrassment with reasonable layout. The multifunctionalization of items, the combination of bath mirrors and wall cabinets, the sharing of bath and shower areas, and the use of new smaller toilets, etc., can save space. Paving strips of tiles or wall panels, or choosing a light hand basin can also increase the bathroom space and make the bathing experience more comfortable.

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The bathtub and shower area are combined in one. The combination of shower and bath area saves space and provides more space possibilities for small apartment design. Choose a simple shower curtain or shower screen. The design should not be too cumbersome. It is good and harmless to keep the field of vision open.

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The door should open outward to ensure that there is enough storage space inside. Cabinets and shelves of various shapes are arranged in an orderly manner on one wall. The mirror is cleverly designed on the cabinet door. The position of the hand basin is directly opposite the door. The width should be controlled within 38CM. The hook on the wash basin achieves the ultimate storage. The free space on the wall is also used to hang bathrobes.


Step3  Dig deep into multiple storage ideas.

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To make a small white bathroom pleasing to the eye, the storage of items must be both beautiful and functional. In order to facilitate the use, the small bathroom storage adopts the principle of proximity. Around the basin and above the toilet can be used to store. The mobile storage can also meet the needs of use to the greatest extent; in order to ensure the beautiful design, you can choose the in wall or open shelf storage to make the space look fresh and orderly with simple black and white design.

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The ladder-shaped storage shelf is the most stylish. If you want to change the form of storage, you can use a movable or foldable ladder shelf. The bearing capacity is strong enough. It can not only meet the storage requirements, but also increase the diversity of space. The toothbrush, shower gel, and towel are cleverly stored. At the same time, it has a petty bourgeoisie, which is not only beautiful, but also stretches the sense of space. It is easy to ventilate and does not grow bacteria.

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The most classic form of storage in the bathroom is the in wall type. Use every corner. Turn the original unreasonable space into storage space. Generally the depth is about 15CM. If you exceed the depth, you can consider double-layer storage space. Make the space perfect from the perspective of decoration. Avoid water on the countertop. The countertop should be high inside and low outside when tiling.


Step4  Different materials and colors embellish the space.

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The metal material brightens the space and adds fashion. The wood creates freshness and elegance. The softness in the space is embodied by cloth and fabric. The plants decorate the bathroom with a good mood. In the white bathroom, different materials and colors are mixed and matched, and the layers are opened to bring vitality. Different proportions form different flavors. A good space is diversified, and a harmonious combination can achieve the best results.

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The combination of different materials in the space. The orange metal shower and the elegant white tiles strike a spark of design. The light-colored wooden boards on the wall of the dry area are extended to increase the visual level of the space. The wooden shelves and metal mirror cabinets in the storage area form an embellishment effect of the space. The carpet, which echoes the soft texture of face towels and bath towels, brings lively colors at the same time. The overall collocation is comfortable and relaxed.

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Artistic tiles meet natural wood. Mix and match old elm wooden bowls and wooden stools in a simple and elegant space. There is almost no need to deliberately craft. The simple temperament is naturally formed. The metal faucet is mixed and matched with wood, which is very inspirational in design. The dark and light blue diamond-shaped ceramic tiles highlight the charm of the space. The white brick becomes the background to set off. The plants facing the sun are full of life.


Step5  Bathroom products enhance taste.

The bathtub and toilet are undoubtedly the leading role in the bathroom. But what can cleverly enhance the appearance of the bathroom are often overlooked small supporting roles, soap bottles, toothbrush cups, soap dishes, and daily cleaning and care products. The quality and taste of life are hidden in these details. Maximizing the appearance of bathroom items is also an important factor in improving the bathing experience.

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