The 10 bathroom design principles make the small bathroom look like a luxurious mansion.

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We all dream of having a spacious bathroom, preferably a separate bathtub and shower, two sinks, and even a comfortable lounge chair to rest after bathing.

So, today we share with you 10 bathroom design principles. You can use some or all of these techniques to double your bathroom space.

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01. Use White Color

One of the easiest ways to make a space look spacious is to use a lot of white: white tiles, white wall paint, white accessories, etc. White allows other colors to recede naturally, making the space look bigger. It can reflect any light instead of absorbing it.

The use of white is particularly effective in the bathroom. Since the bathtub, toilet and sink in the bathroom are basically white, the use of other white can make the space seamlessly connected, making the space transparent and creating a sense of expansion.

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Using a lot of white does not mean pale and empty, lack of personality. Using different structural elements, such as light-colored stones or tiles with different textures, and a small amount of metal or wood intervention, can maintain a seamless appearance while also presenting the richness of the space.


02. Use Same Style Color

If you are not a fan of white, you can use warm beige, soft gray or even pink (pink blue, pink, etc.) to create a sense of spaciousness. Choose an elegant ceramic tile, and choose the matching color system for the rest of the wall. The overall effect is quiet and warm, and will not cause visual breaks and reduce your sense of space.

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03. Use Floating Design

In a compact bathroom, balancing storage needs and a sense of spaciousness and freedom is a tricky issue. The suspended wash basin design is a good solution. It gives you a lot of space to store essentials. The empty space at the bottom is like an entrance and exit for air flow, which does not make people feel oppressed and tense.

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04. Less is More

Less is more. If it is not necessary to have a large storage area, use small-sized wash basins to leave more open areas to make the space look bigger. If there is a bathtub next to the toilet, you need to leave enough space.

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05. Use a mirror to enlarge the space.

A large enough mirror can double your space, especially in the bathroom. However, this kind of large mirror must be of good quality, and the size and thickness must be accurate, otherwise it will seriously affect the overall layout. A good mirror will have a very powerful effect, and you can make the room look perfect in just a few minutes.

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06. Use Glass Doors

Another good way to expand the space is to use glass as a partition for the door or shower room. The visual extension makes the space look bigger. Especially in the shower.

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If you are worried about privacy, you can use frosted or tinted glass, which can still achieve the effect of light transmission and will not make you feel cramped and depressed in the shower. If there is no special need, it is recommended to abandon the bathtub and install a shower room. The bathtub consumes a lot of valuable space, and the usage rate is extremely low.


07. Design a Suitable Alcove 

Designing an open alcove in a suitable location can not only increase the storage space, but also increase the visual depth, making the wall look far beyond the real distance.

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When designing alcove, you must communicate with professionals, because there will be many wires, pipelines, etc. in the wall of the bathroom.


08. Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential to make any space look bigger and more open, especially in bathrooms that don’t usually have much natural light. In addition, you also need good lighting in the bathroom to effectively perform shaving or makeup, so its importance does not need to be emphasized.

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The key is to have a rich lighting scheme in the bathroom, and it is best to use multiple light sources in different locations. Ceiling lights (multiple bulbs can be used), or modern edge-lit mirrors will help you avoid shadows and make the space feel bright and open.


09. Create Long Lines

Whether your bathroom is typically rectangular or oddly shaped, you can always find a wall or area that is slightly longer than other places. Adding a shelf, a tile strip, or even a simple striped wall paint to these areas can help you lengthen the longest line in the room and draw the sight to the farthest position, giving the space a sense of extension.

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10. Balance the Horizontal and Vertical Ratio

If your bathroom is already very long, narrow and tunnel-shaped, don't emphasize the length anymore, you must think more about stretching the width visually.

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For example, in this long and narrow bathroom below, the tiles on the wall and the floor are laid in a horizontal splicing way, which invisibly increases the visual width, and the spatial balance becomes more harmonious.



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