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The home is inseparable from the support of basic hardware. Don't underestimate the basic hardware. Their technological content and technical barriers are higher than you can imagine.

Of course, the difference in quality and price is even more surprising.

Basic hardware generally includes: hinges, damper, sliding rails, etc. Put it simple, all the hardware components that enable the cabinet and the pull basket to achieve the functions of opening, sliding, and staying.


The most used is the hinge. It not only needs to connect the cabinet body and the door panel accurately, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone. And all doors must be kept neatly arranged. Otherwise, it may loosen and fall after a period of time.

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Sliding Rails

In the design of the entire drawer, the most important accessory is the sliding rail. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, even if the low-quality sliding rail feels good in the short term, it will be difficult to push and pull after a longer time.

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The damper is matched with the sliding rail and the hinge. The damper has two most important functions. One is to improve the precision of the hardware, and the other is shock absorption.

Flip up Door Support: First of all, it is sturdy and has no shaking, the surface is smooth and the workmanship is fine. And it is smooth and quiet in use.

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In addition, damper and rebound depend on whether the force is uniform, and if there is no load, test whether it can be smooth and quiet under load, and whether there is obvious friction and jamming.

Considering the frequency of use, be sure to choose a big brand. The good ones can last for decades, and the poor ones will have quality problems in three to five years.

Now we will introduce the international brands of kitchen hardware products and their characteristics.


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GRASS of Austria is one of the largest hardware vendors in the world, focusing on the development of furniture hardware, just like their slogan: Let the opening and closing of furniture become the most comfortable experience.

Their products are mainly comfortable to use. The best product is the sliding rail system. Others include hinges and upturn supports.


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Salice of Italy is a veritable king of hinges, and the world's first modern furniture hinge was made by them.

In the European high-end furniture market, it is in a "monopoly" position. The top cabinets in Germany and Italy almost all use Salice's hinges.


Expensive and good.

No need OEM service from other factories. 100% of the spare parts are all from Europe. Surface treatment and rich colors are also a major feature.

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Hettich in Germany is like a furniture hardware store, with a multi-faceted product line, which is still a little different from the two above.

Many people think of them as expensive, solid materials and excellent performance.

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Then there is Blum in Austria, which is more like a cabinet hardware store. The main product is hinges, which is still far from Salice. Most professional cabinet brands use Blum's hinges. Blum is the most well-known hinge company in China.

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Finally, let us talk about the German KESSEBOHMER, which is smaller than the above ones. It focuses on the cabinet hardware. The design and craftsmanship are excellent. The selection of materials is strict and the workmanship is fine.

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And there also is Hafele. Hafele is almost like an international distribution center for hardware accessories. The product line is rich, covering construction, furniture, cabinets and other fields. Most products are from global procurement and OEM factory. Hafele can be called Carrefour in the hardware industry.

The ranking of domestic hardware brands has changed considerably. The more famous ones are DTC and HIGOLD.

DTC mainly has a large output. The domestic output in China is the first. It is also among the best in the world. The main products are connectors, hinges and slide rails.

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HIGOLD, the latecomer, takes the lead. Focusing on functional hardware. Product advantages are function and design.



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