The bathroom can be just as perfect without a bathtub.

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Many people want to have a bathtub in their homes. But it may be because of too small space, living habits or budget, and they choose to give up. The bathroom is worth planning. Today, we will introduce how people who don’t have a bathtub at home have arranged their own bathrooms.

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1. All White Bathroom

Decorate the bathroom in all white. In this clean and concise space, everything is a pleasure. A little dirt will be found, and it can be cleaned and removed immediately. People who like white usually also like to tidy up the room.

However, when the bathroom is completely white, and even the bath towel and bathroom bottles are pure white, it is more obvious whether the color of the caulk, bathroom hardware, and electroplating are uniform.


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Some bathrooms will have a combination of tiles and paint. People who pursue all whiteness should pay attention to whether there is a color difference between the paint and the tiles.

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White marble covers the room, and with black hardware, the style immediately rises.

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The glass partition does simple dry and wet separation, which does not affect the overall natural lighting.

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2. Grey Bathroom

Those who find it troublesome to clean the bathroom can consider gray as the main color of the bathroom. Compared to the white tiles, the dirt looks less obvious on the dark gray. The entire cleaning can be completed in 5 minutes.


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This bathroom uses different tiles, low-key but full of changes. Of course, the most eye-catching among them is the hexagonal tile.

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Bronze-colored hardware has always created a nostalgic circumstance.

Some people use cement powder to decorate the bathroom, but the cement powder is prone to cracking and sanding. It is not recommended to use it in the bathroom, especially the shower area.

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3. Wood Grain Bathroom

Whether it is Japanese, country, modern, classical and other themes, you can see the use of wood grain. If you want to step into a healing bathroom after work, wood grain is a great choice.

Because most bathrooms are not suitable for solid wood due to poor ventilation, wood-grain tiles are better.

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Due to the different regional climate and bathroom ventilation conditions, many foreign wood that can be placed in the bathroom is not suitable for moving to China.

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If the overall bathroom is white, it is also very eye-catching to use a set of wood-grained vanity cabinets.


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