The popular bathroom cabinet design in 2021. So beautiful!

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Whether the bathroom is beautiful and high-end mainly depends on the bathroom cabinet. Therefore, in order to achieve attractive looking and high practicability, the bathroom cabinet must have the characteristics of exquisite appearance and strong storage capacity.


Below, we have sorted out 20 high-value bathroom cabinets to see if there are any designs you like. If the bathroom in your home has not been renovated, the following overall design is also good for reference.


1. The bathroom with yellow walls and white fittings, plus retro fancy floor tiles, gives you a quite warm feeling. Round mirror + above counter basin + hollow under counter cabinet, this kind of bathroom cabinet design has both aesthetics and storage function. Really like it.

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2. If the home is modern & simple style, this one looks really good. Grey and white are very stylish. If the bathroom is not so big, you can install one wash basin. With the design of mirror cabinet + wall cabinet, there is plenty of storage space. If you are afraid that it is hard to clean the countertop when using an above counter basin, then choosing an under counter basin is also good.

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3. This is also a simple style. The mirror is on top, which has the effect of extending the view of the bathroom. You can also refer to this design for a small bathroom. The handle-less design of the under counter cabinet is really advanced.

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4. This bathroom cabinet adopts the design of round mirror + above counter basin + layered wall cabinet. The log counter top is in harmony with the wood grain tiles on the wall and floor of the shower area. The overall design and style are unified.


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5. This is a gray-green tone. Two drawer type lockers. Moreover, clothes that need to be washed can be placed under the wall cabinet. It is particularly practical and convenient.

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6. This is a log style. The design of rock under-counter basin + log wall cabinet. There is the feeling of close to the nature. Gives a sense of tranquility.

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7. This is a combination of simple + log style. If your bathroom has the same layout, you can also refer to the storage design in the picture above. Shelves are placed on the right. The bathroom cabinet also has the function of a washing machine cabinet. And there is a drawer for storage. A storage basket can be placed under the wall cabinet, which is also very practical.

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8. This is a black and white match. The round mirror is matched with a black log cabinet. Very simple and clean. Patterned bricks are used to pave the ground. The bathroom reveals a retro atmosphere.

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9. This log bathroom cabinet is in harmony with the orange wall. There is a color matching effect with the toilet area. Show a lively atmosphere as a whole.

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10. This is a double wash basin design, suitable for larger bathrooms. But to be honest, the mirror tops the ceiling, which has the effect of lengthening the bathroom, making the bathroom look taller and larger.

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11. This bathroom cabinet design is more stable and advanced. Especially suitable for business people, the overall style is very high-end.

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12. This bathroom cabinet is beige and floor standing model. Fashionable with a little American style. The mirror is built-in, and there is a light strip design inside. Very nice.

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13. This bathroom is a light luxurious design. Use dark blue with white. There is also a light gray bathroom cabinet as an auxiliary color. Simple and advanced.

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14. When you are worried that the bathroom is too monotonous or mediocre, you can refer to the design above. The bathroom cabinet is gray-blue, which is particularly conspicuous and adds a deep sense.

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15. This bathroom cabinet is light luxury American style. The handle and towel bar are made of polished gold metal. There are lights on both sides of the mirror to increase lighting. The design of four large drawers greatly increases the storage space of the bathroom.

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16. The wood color and marble blend so well. Small bathroom can also refer to the picture above. Install a wall cabinet above the toilet to improve storage capacity. The handleless design is very advanced.

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17. This is a marble paving floor and wall. Matched with dark gray bathroom cabinets. Simple and advanced.

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18. This bathroom cabinet is very artistic. Retro floor tiles match dark green bathroom cabinets. The semi-hanging basin makes the whole look harmonious and distinctive.

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19. This is a simple white bathroom cabinet with no handle design. In-wall faucet. Clothes that need to be washed can be put under the wall cabinet.

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20. The main color of this bathroom is white and gray. The gray-green bathroom cabinets very well increase the vitality of the bathroom.

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