The sink must be installed in the bathroom?

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The sink must be installed in the bathroom? Take a look at these locations that may be more suitable for sinks in your new home!

As a patient with lazy cancer, where to put the sink determines how many steps I have to take to wash my hands. Do I have to go to the bathroom after eating snacks and watching a drama at night, and getting up to wash my hands? Can't the sink be placed at the door? Put it under my nose? Or even in the balcony close to me? The answer is yes.


01. Where should the sink be moved out of the bathroom?

In order to make it easier for you to use, we will give you a few common places to put the sink. It can be installed in the hallway. There may be few people who think of this, but it is very common in Japan. As long as space permits, they will find a way to add a sink near the hallway so that they can wash their hands as soon as they enter the house. In addition, the sink can also be used as a partition of the entrance, so that even the entrance hall is made.

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Put the sink on the aisle at the entrance of the bathroom. In this way,  the dry and wet separations can be easily realized. Because the washbasin only occupies a small area, the total space will not become small.

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If you are worried that the total appearance will be affected by putting it outside, and later storage can not be done well and it is messy, you can directly weaken it visually during the renovation by adding a wall to enclose it.

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Wooden fences or glass can also be used as partitions, and cabinets can be used for storage on top.

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The glass partition can prevent water from splashing everywhere when washing hands, and keep the space visually transparent.

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If there is a gap between two rooms, you may consider putting the sink here. Such as between two bedrooms, between the kitchen and the bathroom, etc.

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The advantage of this is that it can make full use of the space and avoid the waste of repeated settings. At the same time, it can also have the function of dividing space. It can also be installed on the balcony. Modern people spend most of their time in the living room. If you put the sink on the balcony closest to the living room, because there is plenty of light and the view is open, will you feel better when you wash your hands?

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We can also put the washing machine next to it, throw the clothes in and wash them.

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It is relatively rare to install on the dressing table. A dressing table can be placed in the bedroom to store all kinds of small things, and it can be combined with the sink. Sinks can be installed in the bathroom, outside the bathroom, or between the cloakroom and the bathroom.

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According to our thoughts, these may seem strange, but starting from the owner’s living habits, it seems to be a reasonable design. Tip: The disadvantage of placing the sink outside the bathroom is the laying of water and sewage and waterproofing. Need to discuss with construction workers in advance and implement as required. Waterproofing should also be done well. It is recommended to follow the waterproof standard of the dry area of the bathroom, and apply waterproof paint at least 30cm high on the wall near the sink and on the floor. Secondly, there is no door to block the washbasin outside. If the storage is not done properly, the messy scene will be directly exposed. Therefore, the corresponding storage function must be done well, and the choice of towels even become stricter. Otherwise sit in the living room and see a messy washing area.

02. An easy-to-use sink can be like this.

In addition to moving the washbasin, its appearance and comfort should also keep up. You need to know the following knowledge. The style of the washbasin: Above counter basin and under counter basin. Above counter basin has a super good looking. In addition to square, round, oval, there may be other petal shapes to choose from. Generally they can be matched with high body faucets.

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The under-counter basin is installed under the countertop and glued to the countertop from bottom to top. The advantage is that it is very convenient to clean the countertop. It is very common to have water on the countertop, you can easily wipe the water into the basin. It is more convenient to have a mirror cabinet, and the storage capacity can be improved a lot. Some mirror cabinets are fully enclosed, and some are partially open for storage. What kind of mirror cabinet to choose depends on your living habits.

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Lighting Design.

Light is a top requirement for looking in a mirror. Most people may only install a mirror headlight above the mirror. In fact, the best way is to set up lights on the left and right sides of the mirror, which is about one person wide. Many professional dressing tables are set up in this way.

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Double Basin Design

The double basin design can improve life efficiency. For example, a family of four has to go to school and work at the same time. And two people washing together is also very warm. Of course, double basins may only be suitable for large bathroom space.

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Basin Style

It can be a basin or not. An artistic design. For example, in a retro-style home, try a bicycle wash basin.

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There are also a few stacked stones. Is there a trace of natural "spring" style when the water runs out from the stone?

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If you like minimalist style, consider this transparent glass wash basin.

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If you want to realize the separation of dry and wet, but in the small area of the bathroom it cannot be realized, the above method can be considered. It is indeed completely reasonable and feasible to move the sink out.



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