The wall-mounted faucet looks beautiful, but is it really easy to use?

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Of course it does.


What is a wall-mount faucet?

The wall-mounted faucet is to install the water supply pipe in the wall. The faucet is independent, and the wash basin is also independent. The washbasin does not need to be connected with the faucet, so there are more free choices in the washbasin shape. There are more diversified washbasin choices in different spaces and environments. 

The place where the washbasin and the faucet are connected is usually the place where rust and bacteria breed the most. With separate faucets and wash basins, you don't have to worry about cleaning these locations.

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Two Types of Wall-mounted Faucets.


Single Handle

1. Single Handle Single Hole Wall-mount Mixer Faucet

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2. Single Handle Double Hole Wall-mount Mixer Faucet

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3. Single Handle Wall-mount Mixer Faucet with Rough-in Valve

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Double Handle

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Double handle wall-mount faucet means that the hot and cold water are controlled separately. The left is hot and the right is cold, and the water outlet is in the middle. The copper color part in the picture is the concealed part.

The above are several common wall-mount faucets.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall-mount Faucet


1. Save space. In-wall faucets generally save space and free up space on the countertop.

2. Easy to clean. It is more convenient to clean the countertop.

3. It is highly decorative. It can increase the diversity of bathroom decoration and make the space more tidy.



1. The price is more expensive. The price and installation cost of the wall-mounted faucet is higher than that of the ordinary faucet.

2. Trouble with installation. Need to ask professional installers to install.

3. Trouble with maintenance. Many parts are installed in the wall. So if something goes wrong, it will be troublesome to repair.


Precautions for the Installation of In-wall Faucets.

1. Due to the concealed installation, the wall-mounted faucet must be installed in the wall together with the water pipe during decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the faucet style before the decoration.

2. Do not remove the protective cover of the product during the decoration construction process to avoid damage to the product.

3. Be sure to pressurize the product to test whether it leaks. Make sure that the water pipe is connected correctly.

4. The sundries at the connection must be removed before installation to avoid blockage or water leakage.

5. The installation height is best controlled at a height of 15~20cm above the basin. The height above the ground is 95cm~100cm.

6. After installing the faucet, attach the wall tiles, etc.

So should you choose an in-wall faucet?

1. The wall-mounted faucet has high appearance and can be matched with various decoration styles according to your own preferences.

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2. The wall-mounted faucet has a miraculous effect when used in a bathroom with a relatively compact space, which can save a lot of space.


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3. The main concern for the wall-mounted faucet is maintenance, worrying about water leakage. In fact, the wall-mounted faucet is similar to the shower at home. The technology is very mature. It's already very popular.


We can make a comparison with ordinary faucets:

1. The connection method is different: ordinary faucet is connected to the water outlet through angle valve and hose to supply water. The wall-mounted faucet is connected to the water outlet through the concealed part to supply water. The concealed part and the water outlet are installed as a whole. As far as the connection method is concerned, there are fewer steps for the wall mount faucet.


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2. Different accessories: common faucet accessories are angle valve, hose and faucet. The wall-mounted faucet accessories are concealed parts and faucets. Because there are no fittings such as angle valves and hoses, the possibility of water leakage from the faucet is lower.

The more complicated the connection method, the more connection points, the more hidden dangers. The hidden danger of in-wall faucets is actually smaller.

So you can buy the wall-mounted faucet with confidence. Ask a professional to install it. There is no problem.

After installation, its usefulness depends on the size of the basin and bathtub. Therefore, when purchasing, you must first know the distance between the basin / the bathtub and the wall. When selecting a wall mount faucet, the length of its spout must be selected correctly. The spout of the faucet should not be close to the edge of the basin or bathtub, otherwise it will affect the convenience of use. It is best to choose a faucet made of copper and a ceramic valve core, because of its good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.



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