This is the first time I have seen such a comfortable bathroom layout.

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There have always been a lot of worries about the bathroom. Generally, the size of the bathroom in a residence is 5-10 square meters, or even smaller. But to be comprehensive, toilet area, wash area, shower area are indispensable. The bathroom layout, design, and storage are not completely puzzled. Today we will teach you how to lay out the bathroom. Let's take a look at how other people solve such troubles!

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For different bathroom spaces, the layout methods are different. Rectangular bathrooms are the most common, because such bathrooms are more convenient to separate dry and wet areas. Generally from the outside to the inside are: wash basin, toilet, shower room. The shower room is generally partitioned by a glass sliding door, which is very convenient to use.

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It is difficult to design a square bathroom. Generally, the space is increased by reducing the length of the shower room. In the small square bathroom, the shower room is basically arranged on the opposite corner of the door, and then the wash basin and toilet are arranged in the corners on both sides. If the space is too small, you can only consider removing floor cabinets, bidets, bathtubs, etc.

Plan irregular spaces according to the size.

For irregular shape bathroom, item layout size is the key. According to the slight difference of different corner sizes, different functional areas can be planned, so that all the spaces can be used rationally.

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For example, by adjusting the shape of the washstand or shower room, more space can be obtained.

Layout according to dry and wet separation:

The difficulty in planning a small-sized bathroom is the separation of dry and wet. If the wet and dry separation is handled well, the bathroom grade is also improved a lot. The following dry and wet separation methods are more common and reliable. You might as well learn from it.

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Shower curtain + bathtub + water retaining strip:

This is the most economical way to separate wet and dry area. Modeling and installation are very simple. But take care to keep it dry after use. Otherwise, it is easy to mold and breed bacteria.

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Shower room / retractable shower room:

It has good lighting and flexibility. When it is fixed in a corner, the glass partition can be unfolded, and it can be put away when it is not used, which can save a lot of space.

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Glass partition + water retaining strip:

The glass partition material can well maintain the lighting effect of the bathroom and relieve the depressed feeling of the entire space. Generally used with water retaining strips. The elongated bathroom is very suitable. Glass partitions can also be used with low walls to ensure the privacy of the space and bring more light.

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Move the sink out:

Move the original washing area directly to the outside of the bathroom. An interior door easily realizes the separation of dry and wet. The shower area and toilet area are reserved inside. It is also very convenient to arrange.

The bathroom storage can be squeezed out. 

The location of the bathroom is not large, but if you make clever use of every hidden space, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the space has become much larger!

Storage behind the door. Install a few bars behind the door to put towels or clothing. A hard wooden board is fixed above the door to store some infrequently used items. Don't let the toilet cosmetics be placed randomly. You can find a tray to store them neatly. The picture on the right is the correct way.

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The double-layer shelf can hold more cosmetics.

Fix a magnet bar next to the mirror. Now you can put small hairpins and cosmetic tin boxes there. Never worry about losing your hairpin every day.

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All kinds of beautiful jars and glass bottles can show their usefulness. Put in some long cosmetics such as powder brush and mascara. New skill!

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Use a clip to hang the toiletries in a position within reach, which is easy to access and use.

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Create an open bathtub. Place the toiletries in the bathtub sides and close it when not in use. There is no clue at all.

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Place a ladder shelf with storage basket next to the bathtub. All items such as clothes, towels, and washing utensils are collected. 

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Especially suitable for families with babies. From now on, the toys will not be scattered all over the place.

The bathroom is very important and part of our lives. Let us take it seriously. Love life, start with a perfect bathroom.



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