Toilet cleaning turned out to be so simple.

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Cleaning the bathroom is a very important and troublesome task. It is not like the kitchen with obvious large stains and greasy walls, but it is the wettest place in the house. If the cleaning is not in place, it is very easy to breed bacteria. Dust and stains in the bathroom are mostly on various sanitary wares in the space. Although it is not obvious, there are great hidden dangers, such as faucets, toilets, showers, floor drains, shower curtains and so on.

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In order to have a clean and hygienic space, this time we will share some simple ways to clean the bathroom. Make your bathroom clean and tidy, and make cleaning fast and easy.


01 Clean the Faucet

Frequent use of the faucet causes water stains to accumulate and looks dirty. What should we do?

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You can apply toothpaste to the faucet, wipe it with a damp cloth, and rinse it off.


If you want to restore the faucet to the previous brightness, you can also wipe it with orange peel on the surface of the faucet, and then dry it with a clean soft cloth. This is because orange peel contains fruit acid, which can maintain the surface of stainless steel and make the faucet look new.


02 Cleaning the Mirror 

Do bathroom mirrors also need to be washed? If the mirror is used for a long time, it will feel that there is a thin layer of "fog" on it, which causes the mirror surface to be not clear enough. If so, it means it's time to wash your mirror!

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To clean the mirror, you can use vinegar, toothbrush, soap: 

1. Use a cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe the mirror. The water stains on the mirror are alkaline, which can neutralize the acetic acid in the vinegar, so that the mirror shines as new.

2. Use toothpaste to scrub the mirror, it can also ensure that the mirror is clean and bright

3. Household soap to wipe the mirror surface is also effective in restoring the clarity of the mirror.


Finally, after cleaning the mirror, remember to wipe off the water drops on the mirror surface with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent water stains from leaving water marks on the mirror surface.

03 Clean the toilet 

How can the cleanliness of the bathroom be missing the toilet? Those places that the toilet brush can't reach are the depressing existences. In fact, it is not difficult to solve the dirt on the inner corners of the toilet.

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Mix white vinegar and baking soda at a ratio of 1:1 to make a cleanser. Spray it around the toilet and let it stand for 30 minutes. The stains will be washed away, which is more than a toilet cleaner.

Spray it before starting to build the bathroom, and when other hygiene is done, the toilet can be flushed.


04 Cleaning Tiles 

The ceramic tiles will become yellow and black due to long-term water stains and bath products impregnation. How can the stains be easily brushed?

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Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and spray it on the tiles. Spray more on the moldy areas. When it is air-dried naturally, rinse them with clean water.


05 Clean the Shower 

After the shower has been used for a long time, a lot of scale will accumulate on the water outlet. It is not only ugly, but also blocks the water outlet. And it will breed bacteria, so the cleaning of the shower must not be ignored.

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The cleaning of the shower head is very simple. Just take a plastic knife, pour some white vinegar (to submerge the shower head), wrap the shower head and fix it with a rubber band. After soaking for 1 hour, turn on the flushing water, and the scale can be cleaned. At the same time, white vinegar also has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, which can kill two birds with one stone.


In addition to stains in the bathroom, there is also an unpleasant odor. The bathroom with a "weird" smell is the most intolerable!


06 Toilet Deodorization 

If you want to remove the smell in the bathroom, you can do this!

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1. Pour white vinegar into the floor drain, wait for 3-5 minutes, pour the mixed solution of water and baking soda into the floor drain. The soda solution and the white acetic acid alkali will be neutralized. It can quickly eliminate the smell of the floor drain.

2. Slice the fresh lemon and put it in the bathroom to prevent mildew and odor.

3. Put a cup of balsamic vinegar. The smell of the bathroom will disappear. But the balsamic vinegar should be changed regularly, like once a week.

After learning these tricks, clean up your bathroom as soon as possible. The bathroom will feel like a brand new one.



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