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Those who pursue a quality life will never let go of every detail in life.

Although the bathroom faucet is just a small object, it plays an extraordinary role. Faucet will be used when girls wash their faces, brush their teeth, wash their hands, skin care, make-up. The use is extremely high. The epidemic has quietly receded, but the spread of bacteria through contact has left a deep impression on people. The importance of contact-free faucets is also particularly prominent in preventing the spread of contact with bacteria.

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So how do we choose the bathroom faucet? How do different groups of people choose their own faucet? Next, let us analyze one by one through the comparison of several bathroom faucets.

If you go to a store to choose a faucet, we can tell the quality of the faucet by turning the handle, observing the appearance, and listening to the sound. The high-quality faucet has fine processing and good surface finish, which can be close to the mirror effect without distortion. When you switch the faucet by the normal use force, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch. The opening and closing are easy and unobstructed. There is no slippage. The inferior faucet has a large gap and a large sense of resistance. When you tap on the faucet, the sound is dull, which is because the faucet is made by integral casting and the material is copper, indicating that the quality is better.

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If you are shopping online, please pay attention to the following factors:

1) Installation Location

Most bathroom faucets are a combination of basin + faucet. The faucet style you choose is directly related to the style of the basin. We can choose the appropriate faucet height according to the installation location. For wall-mounted basins, you can choose a medium-height or low height faucet, and for the countertop basin, you can choose a higher height faucet.

2) Decoration Style

The basin faucet is a very frequently used sanitary ware in the bathroom. It is used for daily washing such as brushing teeth, washing face, washing hands, receiving water, etc. When purchasing, consider practicality and ensure that it matches the overall decoration style properly.

3) Outlet Design

As we all know, the faucet discharges water vertically, but it is easy to touch the basin when washing hands when the water is discharged vertically. Therefore, when purchasing, choose a faucet with an outwardly inclined outlet. When the faucet is turned on, the water will accurately rush to the hand. Of course, pull-out bathroom faucet is a very good choice. Farewell to the fixed types. A wider range of water outlet, free pull, 360° free rotation, easy and convenient operation, meet the multi-directional cleaning, allow you to enjoy every comfortable refreshing.

Seeing this, you may have a question. Is it easy to pull the faucet? What are the precautions when decorating? Today, we will bring you three bathroom faucets in combination with different users

01 Fashion Girl

Every day before going out, fashion girls always do their morning washing seriously. You can often encounter various confusing conditions when washing your face: in order to prevent the cleanser foam from contaminating the handles, you can only leave the faucet without turning off and let the water flow. Don’t know how much water was wasted; in order to save time, wash in the basin. It’s very inconvenient to bend over and turn your head, and it’s hard to wash your hair close to your neck. After washing, a lot of hair is easy to remain in the basin and become a hotbed of bacteria... With the Aquacubic pullout wash basin faucet, these problems are all non-existent!

Innovative drawing design + dual water flow mode, free to switch water flow, 360° free rotation, easy to freshen up. The water outlet can also be moved at will, cleaning dead corners in multiple directions, washing away foam and residual hair, and keep the water area clean at all times. And the faucet height can be adjusted. It is very convenient to wash your hair or fill the basin with water, and it can easily respond to different washing needs.


02 Full-Time Mother

When washing the children's hair at home, I believe that the mothers must have encountered such troubles: the children are too short to reach the faucet, and they are busy finding the right angle to wash their hair. Not only do they have a sore back but also all kinds of uncomfortable crying ceaselessly. Now that you have a home artifact, it can easily help the mothers.

Wash basin faucet pull-out design can meet the cleaning of different heights and multiple directions, and it is convenient for mothers to wash their children's hair in the basin. The dual-flow mode can switch the water flow at any time, the faucet can be adjusted in height, 360° freely rotating, flexible, and meet different needs, wash away the foam in all directions, bringing the child just right cleanliness.


03 White-collar Workers

In fact, the faucet is the focus of the details of the bathroom, which will not only affect the comfort of washing, but also affect the simple style of the bathroom. Therefore, when white-collar workers choose bathroom faucets, they often choose simple styles. After all, in this age of justice, beauty is long enough to be selected.

Every angle of this faucet is born for minimalism, and every color looks shining with noble light. The difference is that this faucet has a variety of spout options, which can be matched with two different color handles to form an eight-inch faucet. The extremely simple design is suitable for any bathroom decoration style. Its confident coating is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, so it can be used with confidence.


All in all, there are thousands of bathroom faucets, and we only choose the one that suits us. The best life is to suit yourself. In Aquacubic, there are a large selection of well designed, high-end manufactured faucets. Please contact us to find more.



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