What are the advantages of the pull down kitchen faucet?

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What are the advantages of the pull down kitchen faucet?


The pull-down kitchen faucet has the advantages of large cleaning range, 2 types of water outlet modes and automatic reset. It is more practical and comfortable to use than ordinary faucets, and the price difference is not much. Therefore, pull-down faucet is recommended. After all, the price is not expensive, it is more suitable to get it in one step, and it will be a lot more convenient to use.


Advantages of Pull Down Faucet


1.  Large Cleaning Range

The pull-down faucet can not only be pulled out, but also can be rotated 360 degrees, which is much more convenient for washing countertops and pots.

2. Two kinds of Water Outlet Modes

The pull-down faucet has 2 water outlet modes, namely stream and spray modes. The spray shower type has a large and soft water range, which is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. Don't worry about the impact of water on the fruits and vegetables to cause damage. The pull-down basin faucet makes it easy to wash your hair in the morning.

3. Precise And Automatic Return

The pull-down faucet has an automatic return function. After use, just release the faucet and it will automatically return to the main body. All series of pull-down faucets from Aquacubic are equipped with reflex control system, which can be pulled freely and return to position automatically after use. In general, the pull-down faucet is more practical and comfortable to use than the ordinary faucet, and the price is not much more expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that the newly decorated house can use the pull-down faucet. By the way, many have faucets that are particularly prone to water stains and fingerprint imprints. For this problem, Aquacubic has an anti-fingerprint series that does not leave fingerprints and water stains and is not easy to get oil stains. Just a quick wipe, faucet will be very clean. Even if it is not cleaned for a long time, it is always as new, which can reduce a lot of housework burden.



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