What is the difference of US$20 faucets and US$200 faucets ?

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1. Material:

The common faucet materials on the market today are: stainless steel, plastic, brass, zinc alloy faucet, etc. 


Brass is the most common material for faucet manufacturing. It is made of international standard H59/H62 copper. The casting adopts steel mold for gravity casting, and its wall thickness is uniform, generally 2.5-3.0 mm. The faucet made of brass is characterized by: no rust, durability, anti-oxidation, and sterilization effect on water.

Zinc Alloy:

The density of zinc alloy is lower than that of copper, and the handle is lighter. The surface of zinc alloy is easy to oxidize from the inner wall, and white oxide powder will appear on the surface. The strength is much worse than that of copper. The service life is not long, and the lead content is high.  After one to two years, the faucet made of zinc alloy will oxidize and rot.


Plastic faucet has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no rust, lead-free, non-toxic, odorless, high pressure resistance, light weight, easy construction, and low price. Plastic is not wear resistant.

Stainless Steel:

Now health and environmental protection has gradually become the new themes of modern life. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized healthy material that can be implanted into the human body. Therefore, kitchen and bathroom products with stainless steel as the main material have begun to become popular in European and American countries. 

More than 90% of high-end faucets are made of brass. Brass is the most suitable faucet material and has antibacterial effect. Among them, H59 copper is most used. Its lead content is qualified. H62 copper’s lead content is less and more corrosion-resistant. Although stainless steel can be lead-free, but the quality is worse than copper due to the complex process and no antibacterial performance.

2. Faucet Manufacturing Process:

Most of the faucets on the market under $20 are made of sand mold casting, which is commonly referred to as "sand foundry". The internal structure of the valve body metal is loose, and it is easy to form interior defects such as stomata. It may not be found in appearance. However, after a period of use, defects such as water leakage, inadequate sealing and even more severe defects will occur. High-grade faucets usually adopt gravity casting, and the internal structure of the valve body metal is dense. For the same valve body, the weight of the products produced by the two processes is different, and the consumption of materials is also different. The weight difference between gravity casting valve body and sand casting valve body is about 1/4. Therefore, the same product has different prices.

3. Cartridge:

The faucet is turned on and off every day. The cartridge determines the service life of the faucet. At present, ceramic is the most suitable material for home use. The high-end faucet cartridge mostly uses ceramic, which is durable and can be opened and closed for 500000 times without leakage.


4. Water Hose:

The water inlet hose of the high-end faucet adopts pure 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel can bear high water pressure and ensure water purity.


5. Aerator:

The aerator of high-end faucet can give users a very comfortable bathing feel. The use of these accessories and materials can ensure the quality of the product. And whether or not to use the NEOPERL aerator is an important factor in judging the quality of the faucet.


6. Surface Technology:

The electroplated surface of high-priced faucets usually has a mirror-like feel. When you press it with your finger, the traces of hand prints will disappear immediately. Moreover, advanced environmental protection electroplating technology can prevent secondary pollution of products and ensure the purity of water.


7. Service Life:

The quality of high-end faucets is still good after 5 years of use, and meet all the national water-saving requirements. The durability, water-saving and environmental protection are its highlight value. Cheap faucets have a very short service life. After two or three months of use, quality issue may occur. And their safety is low.


8. After-sale Warranty:

High-end faucets are produced by professional manufacturers with a comprehensive after-sales service system. No matter the product has an accident or failure, the manufacturer or distributor will be responsible for solving it at any time. The manufacturers that provides higher price products are mostly more qualified, and they are very concerned about sales and reputation generated by each product.

All Aquacubic products that are finished in the production department have to pass their inspection first. There will also be the special inspection personnel to conduct an additional inspection to ensure that every product delivered to consumers is qualified. 



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