What should we do if there is no window in the bathroom? Take a look at these solutions!

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Everyone's expectation of the bathroom is nothing but clean, bright, well-ventilated, and no odors. However, in real life, we will find that not all apartment types have such conditions.

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For example, in some bathrooms without windows, various problems such as stuffiness, darkness, dampness, and stink are combined. So, since the house-type cannot be changed, is there a better way to save such a bathroom? Today we will share a few tips, maybe you will get some reference from them.

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01. Ventilation

Ventilation of the bathroom is the top priority. If there is no fresh air in, it will not be able to replace the air inside. And it will be easy to breed more bacteria, causing the bathroom to be smelly and damp.

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Generally we will install exhaust fans, together with the ventilation pipe to exhaust the air, and then let in the fresh air from outside.

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However, the air volume of the exhaust fan is very small and can only achieve partial ventilation. If the air problem in the bathroom is serious, then a better fresh air system should be installed to continuously provide fresh air to achieve real air circulation.

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02. Light

In view of the problem of insufficient lighting in the bathroom, there are actually many small coups. For example: In addition to the main light on the top, you can also add auxiliary lights.

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It is a very practical way to use a large mirror + mirror front light to supplement the light source. One can produce uniform light, ensuring that every dark corner can be filled with light. Secondly, it is also helpful to washing and cleaning, to maximize the using of lights.

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Moreover, the use of pure white tiles, plus the transparent glass partition, can solve this problem well. Visually improve the lack of light.

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03. Waterproof

When decorating the bathroom, whether it is installing the basic sewer pipe, or the toilet, washbasin or faucet, careful testing and inspection must be carried out to prevent water leakage and trouble to daily use.

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In order to prevent water leakage as much as possible, we must conduct the necessary closed water test after coating the waterproof material. In addition, try to buy high-quality floor drains, water pipes and hardware to ensure the comfort and cleanliness of the bathroom.

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Of course, if you are diligent in cleaning, wipe off the water and stains on the countertop in time, and then use the heating and ventilation functions of the bath heater to remove moisture. Your home must be clean and refreshing.

04. Deodorization

Fully enclosed toilets are most likely to cause stinks. If the bathroom at home is comparable to a "public toilet", what kind of experience will it be?

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In fact, the problem of deodorization can be basically solved by achieving waterproof and ventilation. But at the beginning of the decoration, one thing that cannot be ignored is the use of U-shaped sewer pipes to form a water seal to eliminate the odor from the source.

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In addition, after using the toilet, close the toilet and flush the toilet in time, and clean up the floor drain and debris in time, all of which can play a role in eliminating odors to a certain extent.

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05. Dry and Wet Area Separation

Nowadays new houses generally do the necessary dry and wet function separation. Use glass or other partitions to separate the dry area from the wet area, and eliminate a series of hidden dangers during use.

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But the old house does not have "dry and wet separation", so it is often separated by a shower curtain. Such an approach is of course better than nothing, but not only can it not effectively isolate water vapor, but it will also easily multiply bacteria. Humidity and odor are inevitable.

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If space conditions permit, you might as well install a light tempered glass, or open a small window above the wall. After communicating with neighbors and property, improve the bathroom environment at home.

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However, due to issues such as building spacing and bathroom orientation, the actual operation is still relatively difficult.


In fact, no matter how good the original conditions are, and no matter how clean and fresh the bathroom is, if the people who live in it have bad hygiene habits and pile up clothes and sundries in it, the bathroom environment will not be good! If you want to get rid of the distress caused by the bathroom, you must be a diligent cleaning person. With the several solutions provided above, we hope to help you who have windowless bathrooms.



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