Why Choose the Handmade Kitchen Sinks ?

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Handmade Kitchen Sink

Ordinary sink, also known as drawn sink, is formed by pressing and stretching a whole piece of steel plate.

The principle is similar to balloon blowing, so the bottom and corner of the water sink will be thinned properly, 

usually made of 0.8mm thick steel.

The Handmade Sink is not made piece by piece by hand, but made by cutting, bending and laser welding the steel plate.

Will not change the thickness of the steel plate in the corner, the sink is very sturdy and solid. Usually this thickness is 1.2-1.5mm.

The appearance has strong sense of line, and the weight is much heavier.

The small R angle of handmade sink is not only better in appearance, but also higher in the utilization of the whole sink space.

1. X Grooves Design

Optimized bottom slope makes kitchen sink draining faster than normal sinks.

ACS3321A1UPB 2

2. Nano Surface Technology

Nano surface as Lotus leaf. Water and oil flow quickly and no trace left.

Hardness of Nano surface: >8H Hardness of regular surface: >4.5H

ACS3321A1UPB 5

3. POSCO 304 SUS Material

Durable scratch and stain resistant stainless steel surface helps the beauty last.

Real 16 / 18 gauge material; never chip or crack.

ACS3321A1UPB 4

4. Soundproof Pad - 7pcs

Extra-thick coating and thick sound rubber pad assure exceptional noise reduction.

ACS3321A1UPB 3



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