Why Choose the Lead Free Brass Faucets ?

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If not to consider the faucet valve core and aerator, lead-free brass faucet and general faucet mainly differ in the material and technology.


Ⅰ. Raw Materials

The main raw material of lead-free brass faucet is made of international standard H59 and H62 copper. The casting adopts steel mold for gravity casting with uniform faucet wall thickness of 2.2-3.0 mm.

The main reason for using brass is the antibacterial activity. This can prevent bacteria from growing on the inner wall of the faucet, which is an advantage that other materials (such as stainless steel and plastic) do not have.


Ⅱ. Surface Technology

Surface treatment is very important for lead-free faucet, which is related to the service life, finish and wear resistance of the faucet. High quality faucet surface electroplating is usually mirror effect. It can eliminate secondary water pollution and ensure water safety.

How to judge the quality of the surface treatment of a faucet?

It can be easily judged by the following 3 points:

1. A good faucet will have a moisturizing and shiny surface, while a poor quality will have a dim gloss;

2. A good faucet will have a flat surface, while a poor quality faucet will have a wave surface, even a dent.

3. Good faucets are more wear-resistant, and there are no scratches, but inferior products will have dense scratches on the surface.

Generally, the surface coating of high-quality brass faucet has only 2 layers, and the product can pass 48 hours neutral and 24 hours acid salt spray test.

Ⅲ. Production Process

The production process of faucet is generally the following 16 steps: 

copper ingot - dissolution - casting - cleaning after casting - casting inspection - machining - tolerance inspection - grinding - surface inspection - electroplating - electroplating inspection - assembly - pressure test - finished product inspection - packaging - delivery.

Each process has strict requirements for the production process.

The difference of faucet material selection and production technology determines that the price of lead-free brass faucet is generally higher than stainless steel and plastic faucets.



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