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33 Inch Ceramic Porcelain Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse White Reversable Kitchen Sink

Feature: Ceramic Sink
  • ACS3320
  • Custom Made

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1. Basket strainer keeps pieces of food and debris from entering your drain to avoid plumbing clogs.

2. Bottom Grid Protects sink from scratches in daily use.

Drain Quickly:

With smooth and non-porous glazed surface, food and drink stains can't stick to the surface.

The gently sloped bottom makes sure fast draining without traping.

Easy to Clean:

Single bowl farm sink with 10mm radius corners are designed for both style and easy cleaning.

Straight and Flat:

It requests good craftsmanship to make fireclay ceramic sink with straight lines and flat surface. 

All sinks are 100% inspected and selected.


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Model Number: ACS3320 Feature: Ceramic Sink
Dimensions: 33.5 x 20.1 x 8.7 inch Material: Ceramic
Style: Farmhouse Shape: Straight and Flat
Overall shape: Rectangular Surface: Stain-resistant
Spare Parts 1: Strainer / Drain assembly Spare Parts 2: Protective Bottom grid
Sink Corner: 10mm Radius Round Corner Quality Inspection 100%

【Solid Construction】33 apron front sink is made in white clay that is fired at 2900 °F for high strength and durability. HEAT-RESISTANT to 300°F. Solid costruction, quiet sink.

【Classic Design】33 inch farmhouse sink is of timeless design and high-end contemporary style, which is perfect for the white kitchen. Optimized bottom slope makes fireclay sink drain fast; no water pooling.

【High Glossy Glaze】With smooth and non-porous glazed surface; food and drink stains can't stick to the fireclay sink surface. Clean and shining after easy wipe.

【Spacious Single Bowl】Generous-sized 33" single bowl kitchen sink offer plenty of practicality and usable space to fit large items like stockpots and baking sheets

【Bonus Accessories】Included in box: Fireclay sink, strainer / drain assembly. Premium bottom grid in stainless steel, installation guide.




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